How I Wear: Floral Converse With A Checked Shirt

Jacket: Primark

Shirt: New Look via Charity shop
Jeans & Black Vest: Topshop
Trainers: Converse*
Bag: old free with magazine
Fake Tattoo: Fickle*

This was an outfit from last week *slaps wrist, so anyway I've mainly been attending S/S14 press days in between running around for the boys and still trying to sort out the last of my Christmas presents. I think once I have them all done, I will be able to breath again and maybe even enjoy it. The weather in London has gone from a little chilly to completely freezing!! I've started to look like the hulk as my coat is bulked out with all the layers underneath. Today is my nan's birthday, at least it would of been if she was still with us I think that's why I find this month so hard. I don't think you ever get over losing someone, and Christmas is one of those times that you tend to think about them even more. 

I'm still in a pretty 'meh' mood when it comes to my wardrobe, I think because I have to just throw on something and go it's killing any sense of 'fashion'. I feel like clearing out my whole wardrobe and starting again, sounds a little extreme but I feel I need to start from starch. Do you ever feel like this, like if it all just disappeared you would be happy because than you could go shopping for a wardrobe that just works. So enough of my moaning and check out my fake tattoo from Fickle, why should Corben (my 4 year old) be the only one to rock them (this lasted a few days too). I still think my 60's beehive saves all, that and my floral converse rescue it back from my 'meh' mood. 


  1. you remind me a bit of Amy Winehouse in these photos x

  2. I LOVE temporary tattoos! I am too indecisive to ever get a real one but I think they look so good, Fickle looks like a great website! x

  3. I really like this outfit, cosy but still cute! LOVE the temporary tattoo too :)

    Maria xxx


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