Halloween With River Island Kids

Cap: River Island*
Trainers: Primark
Look of mischief: Corben's Own

As I'm not really a mummy blogger, yes I'm a mother and a blogger but my focus is more fashion and beauty... I was really, really happy and excited to be invited to River Island Halloween party for kids. Corben knows about my blog, and always asks me if he can attend events so it was great to say yes. The invite was sent on a balloon and promised lots of fun, games and a catwalk show.

When we finally got there it was great, there was face painting, food and drink, pin the cat on the broomstick and more. Corben went shy as normal but sat down to get his face painted which looked so cool I was tempted to ask for mine to be painted too. Logan only being a bub/toddler just wanted to run around, so handing him some dress up stuff slowed him down for a bit. I was expecting the catwalk show to be models, but River Island did one better they gave us all vouchers for our little horror who were going to be the models. Corben is a massive character wearer, so anything that is superhero themed or from his fave films gets the thumbs up. Naturally we had to go for a bit of Batman and some Monsters inc, Corben didn't exactly walk the catwalk more run ha ha. Logan is too small still for their clothing as they go from 3yrs and up, so Corben's wardrobe will get some extras into it. 

Than it was time to go, the boys got a spooky goody bag each and Corben told me ' it's the best Halloween ever'. I love Halloween and I'm so glad that both the boys enjoyed what I love about it, dressing up, sweet treats and having fun. For my first mummy blogger event, it was one I won't forget in a hurry. I'm very grateful to have been part of it, and I'm more than happy to dress my boys in their clothing (I actual wish they did the t-shirts above in my size). They already have a few bits and bobs, that I got for Corben's on my last 'you need clothing as your trouser are swinging around your ankles' shopping trip. The girls range is just as cool, skeleton leggings anyone. So to the fellow mum's out their have a look, they have a sale on winter coats and other bits to perfect for your pocket. 

How was your Halloween?


  1. Aw what a cute event, and Corben looks adorable in his monsters inc tee!


  2. Awww that has made my night seeing your little one look all dressed up! :D I definitely think Halloween is better for kids, but it must be lovely to see them enjoy it :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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