I'm No Gym Bunny

Do I want to get fit? Yes, do I want abs ....Really, of course I do. But I can't do the gym, it's not that I wouldn't enjoy it as I know I would. It's more the whole time and money thing, oh who am I kidding okay, okay no I guess after a couple of sessions I'd get bored and move on. So how do you get fit, when you have two small children no one to look after them and limited funds. You get walking, tidying and a better diet, I think I have reached that point were I want to feel better and have more energy. So I have a plan of action to try and give myself a kick up the bum. It's not going to be instant and if I go back to bad habits, rather than moaning about it I'm going to focus on getting back on track.

Footwear: I have a pair of shape ups some where lost in the house, but trying to push a buggy in them means I get worn out to quickly and so I give up quicker. So I jumped on the bandwagon and got some running trainers*, as I may not always have time to run in them they are still a great reminder to do better. I've been a lot more active already, rather than having lazy days with the boys I'll take them to the park. The running trainers are so, so comfortable and it means I can get around quickly. Making sure I can keep up with both my boys, and do all that I need without rubbing or blisters. They are great for long walks, where usually my feet would start to hurt but because their designed for running it's like wearing fashionable slippers.

Cutting Down On Crap: This is work in progress, rather than going cold turkey I'm slowly drinking less fizzy drinks and tea. Eating less processed foods and cooking more, I think little switches help for example bread, pastas go for wholegrain etc.. I think we all knew these things, it's just doing it. My aim is to cut down through the week and have treats on the weekend. For me life is too short to never have chocolate, I think it's good to think about what you want mines more about getting toned and feeling better than losing weight. Portions are usually my down fall to, plus eating bits and bobs of things the kids leave ( it's a mum thing).

Workout Around You: I think that You Tube has changed home fitness you have real people showing you a whole host of different exercise on different levels. No need to go buy a DVD that you will maybe watch and do once, for it to become a coaster. making small changes like taking stairs, walking instead of jumping on the bus. Again be realistic, if your not in great shape take it slowly. Passing out half way down your road is not big or clever. 

Keeping it Real: It's important to set small goals, than doing silly workouts that will leave you in bed for a week. Don't look at air brushed photos of celeb's in their new 'weight loss' spread. Instead I like to look at other bloggers like Rosie, who starting running and has achieved so much and looks amazing but fits it around her life. To me yes it's great to get fit, but I don't want it to take over my life. Comparing yourself to celebs who have chefs, gyms and nannies for their little ones is silly. Look closer to home. 


  1. What an excellent post, and never even thought of youtube :)

  2. My personal take is that fitness and good health should always be a way of life, loving your attitude of small goals and changes on a day to day level so that you can live a lifestyle that keeps you healthy and fit.

    I got toally into cycling because it saves me a fortune on train fares getting to work, and it's exercise I don't have to out of my way to do that also has a purpose. For me, if it doesn't achieve something more than the act of exercising itself, I'd never do it, so cycling has been a joy. I can only imagine how tough it must be to factor having 2 young children into any fitness goals, good for you on finding ways to make it work!

  3. Small steps for sure, the time thing is massive factor, especially with little ones. Good choice, Nike are leagues ahead.

    Buckets & Spades

  4. I have been trying to go for walks in my lunch break which helps although I am then super sleepy all afternoon haha!

    Maria xxx


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