Anatomicals: 3 Pack Face Masks

As you may have heard me mention I joined Access All ASOS (sign ups are open again in 2014), they sent me a box based on me which included hair colour chalk and these face masks. As they follow me on twitter, clearly they have noticed me moaning about my skin as it's been awful lately. I think it's due to stress and my crappy diet, so as I'm trying to eat well it's good to take care of the outside too.Let's break it down, I used the masks four days apart from one another to see what my skin was like after each: With each mask, apply to clean skin leave for 15 minutes than wash off.

Deep Cleansing: This was the first one I tried, as I have been lazy on removing my makeup before bed *slap on wrist. Firstly you get a heap in one pack, so I put a little on my neck and chest area as well as I get breakouts there too. It felt tingly and like it was really soaking in, after 15 minutes I took a warm face cloth and began removing it as with mud masks it can be tricky. My skin felt renewed and after a couple of days most of my spots dried out and went, so this is great for when your at that ' don't look at me' stage of bad skin outbreaks. I may use this on my feet too, as it would work to soften skin and give them a blitz (sometimes you tend to forget to look after your feet in winter, as they are covered up all the time).

Anti-stress: No it doesn't pay your bills, or make the kids behave but it did smell amazing and gave my skin a good boost in glow. It's great for if your skin is feeling a bit dry and left my skin feeling a little less 'meh'. It's best to apply the face masks to cleansed makeup free skin, it smells a bit like chocolate so you will have to resist eating it. As it's a darker mask, I made sure I soaked my face in warm water than removed with my wash cloth and than washed my face again.  Wash around the eye area, not across it as it's very sensitive and you will end up stripping the skin. This is great to use before bed, as when you put on your moisturiser after will leave your skin feeling super soft. I think this was my favourite.

Mattifying: As my skin over all is mostly dry, I just used it in my T zone which tends to get oily. If you have someone to help, this would make a good mask to use on your back as   it's getting colder here were all in jumpers now for winter. So breakouts tend to happen everywhere sadly. It did the trick and soaked up all the excess oil, but like I say my skin  tends to be  dry but I would use this on my back next time.

I really loved all three, and think they are a bargain at just £3 for the pack. I will be stocking up my beauty cupboard with them, so when my skin is being dramatic I can slap one of these on to calm it down. 


  1. These look brilliant - I will definitely have to try the mattifying one! x

  2. Ooh I didn't know Anatomicals did face masks, I quite like a lot of their products so will have to give these a try soon!

    Jennie xo |


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