What I Wore: Matalan Movie Club

Denim Jacket: GAP charity shop
Grey Tee: Topman via charity shop
Skirt: EBay
Creepers: New Look
Necklace: Primark

On Saturday I was invited to the Matalan movie club, I was really excited but felt really rough still. I decided that as I would all be in the dark for the most part of the event, I may as well dress casual. I found this denim jacket in the charity shop, and have worn it to death. As the weather is warm one second and cold the next it's perfect, as I can just wear a cardigan under it. Of course casual equals creepers for me, they just go with everything too. The event was great and I'll have another post up all about it, and also what I thought of Midnight In Paris (the film we watched).


  1. The first image properly made me laugh, it looks like you have a hand up you skirt!!! :D

  2. It was so lovely to see you at the weekend Law! You look uh-mazing as ever, Saturdays were made to be casual and, er, SO with you on the dark situ hence my ripped tights ;) xx

  3. hehe it looks like a hand is coming from under your skirt!!!

    this sounds like so much fun!!! you look amazing as always missy

  4. Ah loving your skirt Laura you fashionista!

  5. This outfit is all me! I love everything from head to toe!


  6. This looks super cute! Also love the skirt lady! x

  7. this outfit is adorable! <3



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