Get Savvy: A (Kind Of) Guide To Over Come Writers Block

So you finally have some time to write that blog post, it's been swimming around your head for a few days so your ready. Than as you begin to type, your mind goes blank. Not just a little blank, utterly totally void of anything! Well that's just great.

How do you get back on track, will you ever get your writing flow back. For any writer it can be thee most depressing feeling, you want to express yourself but it's like someone has stolen your hands. Fear not there are a few ways you can get that brain of yours, to flow with inspiration. It's not a perfect guide and there's no right way to get back on track, but here's just a few things to keep in mind to help beat the block. 

Write what you know- So simply but yet so effective. Why force yourself to talk about things that you know little about, and don't find interesting. Even for a fashion or beauty blogger, putting a little personality into your post will give your blog post a unique voice. Maybe it's a sweater that has rescued your weekend from an outfit disaster, or a lipstick that helped you have the perfect night out by making you feel good. It can be so simple, the trick is writing as though your having a chat, rather than overly branding your voice and trying to get it 'right'. Maybe it's something your working though, a house move, a break up. There are others who will know, and maybe also be going through similar  things. Go with your mood, and reflect what's really happening and how you really feel.

Take a break- Rather than burning yourself out and stressing about your block. Leave it for the day and go live a little, maybe you may watch something on television, read a tweet or magazine that inspires you to write/photography and want to talk about it. Visiting new places, chatting with people, and taking time out to just be and the inspire will soon flow back. It's hard as you want to pour yourself into a place to write, but take yourself out and it takes off the pressure. I always have a couple of notebooks and pens laying around the house, so if I don't have time I can note down ideas ,feelings and silly thoughts. Some I have used, and others have clearly been half asleep caffeine driven rambles. 

Don't be afraid- Sometimes I get blocks when I have an idea that I'm 50/50 about, and it's because I'm a little half hearted in my belief that anyone would actual enjoy it apart from me. BUT, yes a big but I have started taking more and more risk with posts. After all it's your blog, so just think about why you started your blog, what it says and where you want to take it. Feeling more relaxed about your ideas, and confident in that it's okay if people don't love it it's one post and not your whole blog. It's okay if you have some 'meh' posts everyone does, you grow, learn and move on. Let it drive you to try another way, because when/if  you get a great response for a 'risky' post it's a great feeling and worth the panic. 

Is it the right time- It's perfectly fine to take a break, I'm not sure where the guilt comes from and why we feel sometimes we need to say sorry. I think that most people will understand and support you if you do decide to have some time out. Or maybe like me your a night owl blogger. It's not the best time to blog really, because your half asleep and forcing your brain at a time when it just wants to rest usually resulting in grammar, spelling errors not to mention possible not making sense. A good idea is to schedule some posts here and there, it means your readers have something fab to read and gives your brain a break and can help you beat hitting that wall where your mind goes blank. Maybe keep them on a stand by mode, the just in case posts. Saying that you don't have to post anything, it's really up to you, and know that there's no wrong choice. You must do what makes you happy. 

So these are my tips (not tips really just my hope this helps rambles) just a little hopeful helpful advice, also this post came about as tonight I had writers block, so I thought hey write what you know. Good luck and take your time. A great post well be worth it, and if it's a 'meh' post than let it be.


  1. :) great post. I'm 100% taking your advice and posting things I'm worried about posting

  2. I get writer's block all the time! I think pressing ahead with something you're 50/50 about is really good advice- I can be really dismissive of myself and I shouldn't be x

  3. I am always getting writer's block but taking a break and doing something different always helps me!

    Maria xxx

  4. This was a great post and very helpful, I totally agree with you about writing about what you know and what interests you! And I'm going to take your advice about write about what you are going through or what is happening! ;)

    Thank you lovely!



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