What Do You Mean You Don't Blog

I don't know why but I always ask people if they have a blog, I actual annoy myself with that question. It's just not important, it won't make me like anyone anymore or any less so why do I do it? I think maybe it's because blogging has given me so much, and no I'm not talking about the blogger mail believe it or not. Yes it's great to have things sent to you, but for me it's being with adults, getting to know a bunch of people from all walks of life.  I love being a full time mum, my boys are still little and I know it won't be long before they are old enough where it will benefit my family by going back to work. I look forward to an event not just to see new collections, it means I can dress in something fun that won't be covered in yoghurt and I can chat with adults. Yes it's a bit sad, yes it's a bit lame but it's the truth I've made many friends through blogging.

Of course I have friends who I had before blogging and we're very close. I don't want to bore them with all my blogging talk, so it's great to be with other bloggers we can talk about all the random and boring side to it and they get it. Saying this, two of my former non blog friends are starting blogs! Is blogging a cult, probably maybe this explains my need to ask people do you blog!

I think before it was only celebrities and magazines we looked to, now you may spot someone with incredible style or insane makeup skills and it seems only natural to ask if they have a blog. Is it like being part of a cool group, living it up with the popular kids. Are we all just brainwashing one another? What is this need to share our daily outfits, the thoughts that rattle around our heads. I think blogs can inspire, there are a lot of people who in the media world are forgotten about, even dismissed. Blogging lets anyone and everyone have their personal say on things, who cares if everyone has one it's levelled the playing field. It lets the reader pick and choose, the reader makes the blog too. 

I've lost count of the amount of times a comment has inspired me to write a post. So no,it's not a big deal if you don't blog for whatever reason, but I'm not sure I could cope without mine. It gives me focus, and has opened up a whole other side of exciting new things for me. I love to read blogs and know that I belong in a community of people who want to share, inspire and talk. Most don't judge, we support one another and have something to say. I'm not sure how long the blogging bubble will last, but I for one am just enjoying the ride. I look forward to your posts and would say to anyone start a blog, take a chance if it's not for you than what have you lost. You may discover a whole new you.


  1. Great post Law- I think it's great that we live in a world where blogs exist and we can attend amazing events off the back of them. Like you I'm just enjoying the ride & the characters I meet along the way - when it ends, it ends, but I've already had an amazing set of experiences thanks to my blog.


  2. If I ever see someone who looks like a blogger, I do always wonder if they do blog and if not, then why not?!

    Maria xxx

  3. I too am enjoying the ride, I've actually gone full time with it now did I mention that? It feels like so long ago that we both had say under 10 followers but people actually like what we have to say. Mad really. Remember those days? I remember you doing the video and I got a mention, that was pretty exciting!

  4. this is such a fab post, makes a nice change from people moaning that everyone has a blog these days. So what? They're fun and as you say it levels the playing field

  5. This is a great post, i always wonder if people have a blog. Surprisingly there aren't as many bloggers out there as there should be! Blogging is great fun! xx

  6. You have inspired me! Thanks! I have just started blogging, mainly because I've started a new saving project and want somewhere to record my journey, meet people in the same position as me and to have my own little 'project'. I work with, and read, other peoples blogs as part of my day job and it inspired me to start my own. Blogging is even deeper than I thought- I can see that so many bloggers have made great friends through blogging, and I hope at somepoint I will too :)
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

  7. So true, when I started blogging I never even thought anyone would read it and I certainly never thought I would meet such wonderful people and make some incredible friends. I was actually thinking this over fashion week, how we can all just rock up and see each other and have so much fun, all because we decided to log onto the internet one day! It's crazy, it really is but I am so grateful for it xx

  8. All of this so very true. I use blogs I read like a resource- I find out about so many new brands, events, ideas, deals and books via blogs that I'd have never known about, I made some great friends blogging, people who I cross the country to visit, but also people who have helped me establish a network of friends in a new city. My blog also gives me an outlet for all the things my job doesn't really allow for.


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