Scarf: My Mum's borrowed
Top: H&M
Shorts: Topshop

After a busy weekend this week will be filled with 'just throw it on' outfits, and here's the first. Yesterday I had such a cool outfit on yesterday, but no time to take photos bloggers woes. Today is a lazy one, so I had enough time to take pic's and write this (can I have a gold star now). So on with my new Dr Martens Clemency boots *swoon, I went for the hot pink because I already have my black ones. These are so cute, because they have a small heel and they are shiny I'm loving the vinyl trend. Plus if it rains I'm not going to panic about my shoes, as these are pretty much resist to everything. Did I mention that they are hot pink too *swoon.

You may have seen me on twitter moaning about my phone charger dying on me, to someone who has her phone glued to her hand while juggling life this was not good. It's okay now as I have finally made the switch and upgraded my phone, problem solved. Yes I know it was 24 hours but trust me, sadly I've became one of those people who can't live without my phone and it was awful without it (feel free to hate me). I hate having to go to my computer to email, Ebay etc.. I think having it all at your finger tips, does make you take it for granted. 


  1. SoooOOooOoo colourful, I think you've surpassed yourself here! That jumper is perfecto with your hair.

  2. Super cute outfit! I love everything about it :D


  3. omg those tights are amazing, I need! great outfit <3


  4. I love love love that jersey, and the boots :)

  5. Perfect outfit to brighten up an autumn day laura!

  6. You look gorgeous! I want your jumper! I'm so gutted we didn't get to lunch again in LFW. Hangovers always get the better of me. I better see you soon , hope you are all good :)
    Frankie X


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