Matalan Movie Club Event: Midnight In Paris

The first rule of Matalan movie club, you don't speak about Matalan movie club ....No wait hang on. So yes on Saturday I join a group of other blogging babes, to see Midnight In Paris. As Matalan saying is 'Do it your way' they thought that it would be fun to mix it up a little and hold a unique event. It was hold at the very swish Bulgari hotel, it's brand new and truly fits into Knights bridge glitz and glamour like glove. We were served mini burgers, drinks and pink macaroons. Which were perfect to munch along side looking at some of the current collection for Matalan. Than drink in hand we were lend up to the private cinema, had a choice between sweet or salted popcorn (I went for sweet naturally) and settled down to enjoy the film.

Midnight In Paris is classic Woody Allen, I'm not a massive fan of his work but I did enjoy this film. Owen Wilson plays Gil who wants to get out of the film industry and become a writer. He and his fiancee are in Pairs, which he loves. He has romance ideas of his golden age the 1920s, about walking in the rain. Where as she enjoys it for art and shopping, but wouldn't want to live there. One night they bum into some of her old friends, so she ends up going dancing. While he decides to walk alone around the streets of Pairs, and than can't find his way back to the hotel. A vintage car pulls up with people calling to him to get in, and some how he arrives back in the 1920's. I won't say anymore apart from it's witty, dry and magic and of course stupidly romantic.

After the event I ended up going for coffee with the Robyn, JohanneHayley and Georgina as it had been ages since we had seen each other. It was a perfect Saturday and such a great idea for an event with a difference. 


  1. This event sounded so cool - super jealous x hope to see you soon love

  2. This sound like my kind of film and those burgers look right up my street!

  3. oh my god I'm so jealous, MIP is one of my favourite films and I'm not even a Woody fan! x

  4. Aw, desperate to see this! x


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