O24G Launch With Plan B

You may have seen me Instagram about this, it was such an amazing 'event' if you can call it that. Basically the lovely folks at O2 invited some bloggers down to the launch of O24G, which was a live performance from Plan B at the sherpards bush empire. Music  beer and Instagramming err I'm there! Well did O2 spoil us, they only went and gave us all a Samsung each to capture the gig and show just want you can do with this technology. Also it was great to see the girls  Ella, Steph, Sherin, Kristabel, Eloise, Ashley (and Robin who's a guy and a fabulous one at that) and finally meet Caroline from Burkatron who's blog I have been reading with for ages!

Oddly enough my other half had just purchased the same phone but in white, so I had already had the whole run through of why it was such a great phone. 4G makes 3G look like something from the 00s, remember when you would get exited about texting someone and playing snake on your phone. It's so fast and literally anything I posted up was instant, not wait 5 minutes and than it will be up. 

So let's get to the important bit, 'does it take good selfies' yes, it's sometimes a little shaky on photo and video (I'm sure if you put it on the right setting that helps too) but the size and quality is really great. All these photos you see are from the phone, we were up high and I still got a pretty clear close up shot of Plan B that even a compact camera would struggle with. What about apps Laura, I can't live without them I hear you cry. Fear not they have the play store, and it's always being updated with new ones so you have books on the go, photo editing apps etc. I really love the size of the screen too, perfect for reading blogs on the go , online shopping, and watching videos on You Tube. Massive thanks to Louise and the O2 team for looking after us, it was such a fun night and I am loving 4G.

Barry decided he wanted the black one, so within the week he adopted it and it never leaves his side I will be posting a review on the phone soon.

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  1. Ah looks like you had a whale of a time!


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