Blowfish Wisteria Boots

As I tend to spend most of my time running around I like to add more boots and flats to my shoe collection than heels. Seeing these babes I knew they would have to come join my over flowing collection of shoes. They are so, so perfect for the autumn as I think they will go with just about everything. These will be a go to on the school run, as I like to boost my height a little but don't want to be falling over. I like that these are pull up boots which are great as I have a wider ankle than a lot of girls. It's hidden nicely too, instead of being open I'm not a fan of that. I really love this style of boot, they remind me of boots the Olsen's would wear with a flowing kimono and fringed bag.

The stud detail is so me, and I'll be stealing Barry's tartan shirt to wearing a dress with these to embrace the new grunge trend. Black is such a classic colour and goes with everything, so I may have 10 pairs of black boots but I wear them. Have you been adding to your shoe collection?


  1. I LOVE those shoes, the detailing on them is so pretty!

    Rose xo

  2. These are stunning Law! Love them, I really love ankle boots as they just go with everything don't they? xx


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