Picture This #13 Lately

Corben's 4th birthday- So my baby turned 4! I'm not sure where the time has gone, but it's great to see him grow and change as a person. We spent time with family and friends, and Corben enjoyed eating cake, opening presents and having all the attention (who wouldn't). His even been nicer to his little brother Logan this week, and they have been playing together a lot more. 

Converse Collection- To say I love Converse is putting it lightly, I guess you could say I collect them but unlike same I wear the hell out of mine. My fly pair were the first pair I ever owned, they must be at least seven/eight years old. The newest pair to join my collection are the Superman high tops, I don't mine low tops but high tops are far more comfortable. I have about five pairs now, so it's not massive but they are all well loved.

Bye Summer- This is my sunflower Roger, he came from a gag gift Barry gave me for Christmas. His a little small as I planted him very late so he bloomed later too. His  started to curl in now as it's getting colder. It's been hard to say goodbye to summer this year, as I've really enjoyed it.

A Good Book- I'm making more effort to read more, not magazines as they only have short articles. So I've been sorting through my books, I actual have some really good reads that I forget I ever bought. As I'm dyslexic I find it really hard to get from start to end with anything over four pages, I hope to at least finish one. I picked some funny reads as I've been stressed lately, and that's nothing like a good belly laugh that won't cure my poor aching brain. 

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  1. I also am in love with converse, and so comfortable, I wear them all year round, we are coming into summer here and can't wait, just started daylight savings, here just wish the rain would stop and the sun come out for longer than an hour :)


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