You Have Two Many Shoes

Never, it's lies all lies.

Not my words of course, but my blokes I really don't understand what's so bad about my shoe collection. Yes they don't all fit on the shoe rack, yes I know I only have two feet and okay the fact they are falling out of boxes doesn't look good. At the same time I LOVE shoes. I would pretty much give anything for a colourful pair to add to my collection - Apart from my kids, well maybe depending on the shoe * of course I'm joking. I do wear them, but clearly I'm not a spider so can't wear them all at once. I have the ones I always tend to throw on, but they do get worn.

Vintage shoes I was lusting after from Beyond Retro

I think my shoe obsession came from having limited choice growing up. Don't get me wrong I was lucky my mum got me the clarks princess shoes, they came with a key and were the coolest shoes ever. They must have cost my mum a lot for a single parent who was on a teachers wage, I loved those shoes till they fell apart. Also hearing my granddad and nan tell me about, when they were little and had no shoes made they such an important thing. My nan loved well made things, and would never buy cheap throw away anything. I do but I can't resist the cheap and tacky, saying that I have shoes that cost me £15 from back in the 90's so they have lasted.

I guess it's a style thing too, I seem to have multiple style disorder and so need a wide range of shoes to fit different crazy moods. Okay so number wise I would say I have over a 100 pairs, when I say it out loud it does sound a lot ....Okay it is a lot, but it could be worst. I'm getting better at getting rid of pairs I don't and will never wear. Shoes make me happy, they can give me height and brighten up my outfit. Shoes always fit and I guess thats the problem, they are also on sale a lot so again not helping. Anyway us girls are not the only guilty ones, Barry (my bloke) got a package in the post 'whats that?' I asked 'nothing' he replied while trying to open the package without me seeing. 'I needed them okay, my other trainers are worn out' yes his a trainer freak! His not on my level yet, but lets just say his trainers won't all fit on the rack either. Maybe it's me, maybe being around me just makes you feel the need to buy footwear. Who knows, well I should go I'm going to buy look at some shoes I want  need.


  1. That is an amazing shoe collection! xx

  2. I'm so jealous of this collection!!
    Yo store them super to.
    Mine are all messily in boxe!

    Kelly ||

  3. *confessions of a shoeaholic alert* :P

    loving this post! x

  4. No such thing as too many shoes! haha. I've been going through mine and getting rid of some... mostly heels. I never wear heels. Your collection looks amazing!

    - April

  5. Over 100! You are insane, lady! Because of my big move, I had to chuck out everything I didn't need and I now have...drum roll...EIGHT pairs of shoes, including the trainers I wear to the gym!

    I'd have 100 pairs if I could though. Shoes are the best...x

  6. Your shoe collection is amazing! Love all the purple!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  7. If they keep making them, people will keep buying them. I reckon I've got about 20 pairs in total

  8. I had the princess shoes!!! I literally lust over different shades of converse all the time - and the same style kind of shoes. A girl can never have too many shoes eh!!

  9. The more the merrier! I'm currently deciding on which way to store mine. I've more shoes than space atm x x x

  10. how amazing is your collection!! so. jealous. xo


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