'Check' It Out: 3 Ways To Wear Tartan

White Tartan Dress: Daisy street/ Cross Necklace: Chicnova / Heeled Boots: Spartoo
Velvet Top: Cagecity / Red Backpack: ASOS / Quilted Skirt: Fashion Union / Eyeball bracelet: Chicnova / Tartan creepers: Spartoo Choker: Chicnova / Heart Crop Top: Daisy street / Skater Dress: fashion union / Tartan Adidas: Spartoo / Bone Ring: ASOS

One of my favourite trends (even if it never really goes out of fashion) is tartan, it's such a classic and there are so many ways to wear it. Here's just a little inspiration as I think tartan can sometimes feel like an over powering print, but you don't have to go all out. The first outfit is a more sassy take, I think if you finish the look with an oversized blazer it will keep it classy. You don't always have to go for red tartan, white is great for a clean cut feel but the boots keep it sexy and sassy.

The second outfit is how I would wear it, which is more of a grunge vibe. I'm adding these tartan creepers to my  christmas wish list, I love the spike detail and how cool is this eyeball bracelet I do love a bit of random arm candy. The last is more a sporty feel, I would layer the crop top over the top of this denim dress. These Adidas trainers are a great way of wearing tartan, as you could just wear them with a black tee and jeans and look effortlessly on trend.


  1. Great post! I absolutely LOVE tartan and I'm so glad it's coming back into fashion xx

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  2. I must admit I'm a little scared of tartan as it can put you in the 'grunge' box without much effort, but I like a slice of it! An oversized tartan shirt would be my way to go, but LOVE those creepers <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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