Riot: A Collection By Catherine Aitken

Denim jacket: Charity shop
Shirt: Vintage via Charity shop
Dungarees: Fashion Union*
Shoes: River Island
Necklace: Topshop
I actual ended up changing from my shirt into a tee, because it's still in between warm and chilly I was sweating in this shirt as I had tights on. On a plus I took my Catherine Aitken bag out for the first time, it's such a gorgeous bag that I'm paranoid of getting any marks on it. It's handmade and made with genuine tweed, I love the punk element to it (which FYI is going to be major for A/W). Catherine loves to use heritage cloths but her designs are modern but practical and of course reflect her Scottish roots . 

Catherine kindly sent me this bag as it's from her brand new Riot collection, clearly she knows I have a little rebel in my veins. I adore the leather detail of the bondage like strap that fastens it shut, and it's so roomy perfect for all the junk I tend to drag around with me. The collection has a mix of bags and some wrap belts, I love the mix of textures and the it's handmade. It's wonderful to own something so unique and see the work that has gone into it, it even has a genuine Harris label as the tweed is woven in the hebrides. I hope that there's still a little sun left for us in the U.K I still have half a wardrobe left to wear before it gets too cold. Still cold means layers and I love layers, what do you prefer are you a heat seeker or cold dweller? This year I've actual enjoyed the summer, I guess there's a first for everything.


  1. That bag is stunning Law! And so are you, loving the hair :) xx

  2. Huge love for Catherine! You styled the bag amazingly

  3. that bag is pretty special!



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