Pixel Pony

Top: Primark
Dress worn as skirt: Primark via charity shop
Sunglasses: Scarlett Hearts* Socks: Primark
Boots: River Island
Gross skin: My own

I completely forgot to post this outfit, I think I put it as a maybe as the photos were a bit 'meh' you know when your just not happy. It's amazing what a bit of mirror action in photoshop will do for these situations. Yes, I know 'the boots' again but they are so comfortable and I'm not changing my footwear just for a photograph. I've heard there's going to be sun this weekend, there wants to be London's no fun when it rains (plus it smells weird possible due to all the pollution fun times). 

Also I need to wear my sunglasses a bit more, before I look like a crazy person. I don't know about you, but I find sunnies in the winter a little odd I think you can only get away with it at fashion week. It's like when people wear them indoors, why I just don't understand it -No just me, but it makes no sense! Call me uncool but it's in the name 'sun' so that should be when they come out. Unless your hangover than I totally understand *hands you a pair,  with a coffee.


  1. OMG too cute! Love the tee honey! x

  2. People who wear sunglasses indoors drive me mad! Love the tshirt! x

  3. The mlp themed outfit is super fitting with your hair. Reminds me so much of Twilight Sparkle ^^

  4. I love the pony tee, so cute! I wanted to buy it when I spotted it in Primark but my OH threatened to disown me. Might have to check back and see if it's still available now xx

  5. Love this outfit, how do you always look so awesome mixing prints?!

    Maria xxx

  6. Love how colorful your outfit is! I wish I had the guts to have your hair!!! I have wanted to dye it a bright color since middle school and just never had the courage. :/

    I would LOVE for you to share this at "That's My Style" Link Party TOMORROW (every Friday) on my blog. Not comfortable sharing? Stop by anyway for beauty related post and fun DIY projects. I hope to see you there! :)

    Karla @ www.MySerendipitousLife.com


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