LDN Bloggers Party

On a hot Saturday I battled my way across London to get to Dirty Martini, which is a very trendy cool bar in Hanover Square. Thanks to the stunning Scarlett, who organised the event I found myself on the mothership- A room full of bloggers made even more complete by the yummy cocktail I had just ordered. I must have been enjoying my drink a bit too much, as I forget to take photos bad blogger I know.

It was wonderful, I met a lot of familiar faces who I had not seen in ages. Me and Georgi had met at the most wanted swap shop, so it was nice to see each other again and chat (I want to steal her blue floral shirt). Jayne looked amazing in her kitten ears, and we played with some of the Cloud Nine heated rollers and chatted about hair colour. I than discovered that Hannah, has thee most beautiful tattoo on her feet of Alice from Alice in wonderland. I chatted with a heap of other peeps to, and I'm gutted I never took more photos the ones I have are either too dark or blurred- That cocktail was strong!

Me and Terri kept laughing in every picture together but it was so great to finally meet, we have been chatting on twitter forever! There's one photo of us where Terri looks like she wants to kill me, which of course I've now hang up on my wall (love you Terri). Joseph was rocking a snakeskin shirt, which I wanted to steal and we were chatting about street style. I met Fen while ordering a drink (new best bud, seriously this girl is so funny). Than it was time to go, so of course being bloggers we find the nearest diner to stuff our faces with and chatted about everything. I actual didn't want it to end, I had such a laugh and it was great to be around such a mix of cool, funny people. Me and Fen what shopping and were talking about the difference between You Tube and blogging (as she's a Youtuber), I also ended up somehow buying lippy from Mac and some bits from Topshop *slaps hand.

It was such a great event, and we were given a goodie bag that was almost bursting which was so kind. I hope if there's a next time, I get to chat with some new people more, met more peeps I follow. There was about a zillion people, and I wish I had made it there earlier. Thanks to Scarlett you utter babe, and to all the people I met it was a perfect Saturday.


  1. Wow looks like an amazing day! Hope you had a nice time.

    Emma x

  2. Love that guys guys meet up like this

  3. Looks like a cool event, I love dirty martini they do some great cocktails!



  4. Sounds like you had a great time! I must say, your hair here looks incredible! x


  5. This sounds so great, I wish I'd gone. x

  6. Such fun photo's! The event sounds great! Plus I think your haircolour is just brilliant. Wish I had the guts!


  7. ah, that looks so fun! i need to make it a priority to document our nashville meetups more often!


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