Tie Dye Dreams

Dungarees: Fashion Union*
Necklace: Gift
Boots: River Island (sold out)
Top: Fashion Union*

It's Monday and my to do list is already overflowing, I feel like I want to just bury my head in the sand and let someone else do it for me. Sadly I have to be a grown up and get it all sorted, on a plus the sun is still out and I'm soaking up as much as I can before it's cold and I have to pile on a thousand layers. So out with the tie dye, and yes those bloody boots again. I think if it stays warm I will break away from my beloved dungarees for a while and give other items in my wardrobe a chance. I trimmed my hair, it's pretty choppy but it's better than it breaking off I guess. I took the boys to the park, and I'm enjoying time with them as Corben will be back to nursery soon. We built a den, but I need to get pegs as it kept collapsing on us - I know worst mum ever. What have you been doing today?

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  1. You always look amazing in your pictures - make up is flawless! One of my fav bloggers x

  2. I really love your necklace :)


  3. I seriously need your hair Laura! x

  4. Your hair is gorgeous! Can I ask what brand/colour do you use to get that lilac? I'm thinking of switching from my current teal-y blue to a light purple x


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