Browhaus Event

Me, Fen and Lisa attended the Browhaus event a couple of weeks back, they are the first brow specalist salon in London and started off in Singapore. A lot of people don't realise how important their brows are, they can change your look dramatically and without them our features can get lost. 

Browhaus not only have threading for brows, tinting and lash treatments they actual have brow resurrection. Yes it sounds mad, but this is actual a saver for anyone who has plucked their brows to non existences. Also for those that have lose their hair through cancer treatment or alopecia, you can get your brows back. They talk to you about what you would like, and trace where your natural brow would be. Using a set of small needles (which you barely feel) they fill in the brow, and it lasts as they are semi permanent. We were shown around and treated to cupcakes and I chatted with about who's brows were most sort after *cough Cara. What a surprise, she does have incredible brows.

So my brow story: I had the lovely Ellie who look after me, I relaxed in their massive chairs as she threaded my brows and made them clean and sharp. Threading is a strange feeling it just makes your skin feel hot, it's a little uncomfortable but Ellie was so fast that I didn't have much time to think about it. Next she asked me about colour and what I would like, as I like a dark brow she suggested a shade a little lighter than how I feel them. So than if I wanted to go darker I had the option, it was great I felt like I was in good hands. She pooped on the dye and than it was time to see the end result, in all my 30 years my brows have never looked this good. Of course they were a little red after the threading, but straight away they looked almost perfect. Treatments cost around £12 and up, so even as a full time mum I will be treating myself to this. It lasts four weeks, but mine has lasted even longer so I was very happy.

Me and Fen's 'OMG our brows are epic' face


  1. Ah Laura, such a dreamboat as always. Your hair looks amazing in this post! I wish I had the courage to let someone loose on my brows but I've always done them myself, except for this one time when a crazy threading lady ruined 'em! x

  2. This looks liek so much fun!

    Heres a little story - I've NEVER had my brows done!

  3. Pretty girlies! I LOVE a good strong brow, especially now I'm blonde and it can stand out a bit more :) Struggling to make them "set" though, they wear off after a few hours :( Yours look amaze! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  4. I adore your brows! I completely agree about how important brows are! They frame people's faces beautifully and your whole face structure can change as your eyebrows are changed :)



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