Fashion Union A/W13 Lookbook Behind The Scenes

If you follow me on twitter, than I'm sorry but kind of not sorry about going on about being able to go behind the scenes of the new Fashion Union lookbook! As a full time mum of two, my dreams of working for a magazine or in a fashion focused job are firmly on hold. So when Fashion Union asked ' Hi Laura would you like to come join us on our new fashion shoot' my jaw hit the floor. Some may not find this exciting, but to me it's like an escape into a world I use to dream about as an awkward teenage girl. On a very hot sweaty Friday, I joined their team to see and chat with them about the process of making a lookbook.

All images taken by myself

There's a lot more too it than there looks, first you have to get the right location which can take ages to track down. Than there is inspiration, even fashion brands need theirs and again it can take time to build ideas and a feel for the direction you want to take. Of course product and trend do lend some of the way, but it's about creating something new that sets you apart. So step in their stylists, who select and shoot all the outfits and try to gauge an idea of where they should be shot on location. When I was following them around, they had the inspiration sheets and the outfits with them which made things run perfectly. The organisation that goes into clothing and accessorise for one outfit look is insane. Than you have hair and makeup, the makeup artist is on stand by the whole time to make sure everything looks perfect or to change up  the eyes and lips look if needed. 

The whole team is buzzing you can see everyone's faces light up when they see their hard work full into place, and the outstanding shoots start to show up on the laptop. The photography made it seem effortless to capture every cool pose, and bring the outfits to life. As for Ieva their model, I've never seen someone work their body and face so much - I was trying to take note for my outfit posts. The speed at which outfits were pulled and Ieva got into them was full on it was quick but as every outfit had been picked it flowed without any stress. Than stylists finished the look for the photos to be snapped, than on to the next one it was full on but gave me butterflies in my tummy. I loved hearing the stylists talk about the amount they carry with them (which is everything), and looking at all the jewellery and shoes I was in nirvana. 

Everyone worked so well and hard together, and it paid off as you will see in their lookbook. So if you think it all just happens and it's all glam it's not. A lot of work went into this day to make it seem effortless, the preparation, the details of adding and taking away things that worked and didn't and a wonderful model who had fun and worked it. The photography and assistants, who powered through every look and the makeup artist and stylists putting everything in place. Saying that there was no shouting at one another , stressing over things everyone made it fun and they made me feel like a real part of their team. I can not wait to see the lookbook, it's killing me not knowing what shoots will be used. It was such a great experience and I'm so happy to share it with you. I have some more exciting news for you, that I will reveal later so anyway here is the video I put together of my sneak peek.


  1. Ooh I would have loved this so much! It just looks so much fun to see what goes on behind the scenes! Such an awesome post! X

  2. Looks like an amazing day Laura :) x

  3. Aww this looks like so much fun! :)

  4. Who did the makeup? Where was this location? Looks amazing!

    1. Thank you, I will have a look as I've forgotten the makeup artists name but she was fab. I can't give full location details sorry but it was in London :) x

  5. Also lived you post and video ^_^


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