What I Wore: Schwarzkopf Live Lab Event

Top: Charity shop
Necklace: Gift from Baz (my fella)
Dungarees: Primark via ASOS
Creepers: New Look*
I don't care what people say about dungarees, they are too comfortable and cool to pass up on. Even more so when they cost you £14.00 with free delivery! Yes ASOS are now stocking Primark thank the purse gods and don't forget they also offer student discount - Oh to be a student again, excuse me while I just have a pity party.  I like mine oversized, as I'm shorter and I find if they are fitted they make my legs non existent I've started to dress a bit more casual for events, as you never really know what you may be doing. 
Plus it's so stupidly humid here in the U.K, one minute you feel chilly the next your stripping off layers careful without elbowing people on the tube. I wore my creepers again, I know shocker right and my drippy 'c' necklace another thing I'm wearing to death lately. Live Lab was so much fun, and I will have the post up soon with what I got up too. I met the lovely Ashly and we became each others photography of outfits, and you can see are matching hairstyles in my Live Lab post (coming soon I promise). 

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  1. Oh those dungarees are just lovely! The monochrome really works with your hair too :D

    Milly x

  2. You look great I love you in dungerees you look so effortlessly cool. Asos sticking primarily is a big mistake it's so tempting for midday shopping.
    Can't wait for the event review- yours are always so detailed it's like I'm there- plus I love anything to do with bright hair.

  3. I love your dungarees! You wear them so well, I just look like an oversized four year old haha


  4. You look perfect! You blend well into the lab hehe
    Fashion Ganache.
    email: tsuichung@hotmail.co.uk

  5. Looking beautiful as always Law, I adore that pinafore! Can't quite seem to make them work on me because I have long legs (for a short gal, anyway) and quite a short torso, so I get some odd bunched up look! xx

  6. Law you absolute queen of cool, you look spectacular. I'm with you on the dungarees front, unless they're a little too short (hello long body) and there's that awkward wedgy moment... eww.... <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  7. they look great on you, very affordable too

  8. I love your hair colour !! I've been trying to get mine like this how did you do it ??



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