Forgotten Summer

Yes I have bun's in again, sigh to be honest it's because my hair looked a state, I couldn't find any of the 300 bottles of dry shampoo I own and well it's Friday. Busy, busy this weekend having a little revamp in the bedroom, nothing special it's just when you have little kids they like to touch walls with chocolate fingers and draw pictures of Spiderman with your new lipstick. Yes my little monster Corben has been getting creative, still nothing a lick of paint won't sort. Of course sorting out the bedroom has resulted in having to sort out my wardrobe, she types while crying into the keyboard. Also Taking part in the 'be more dog' O2 challenge , I'll go more into it  in my 'be more dog' post as it's a bit whacky but I'm up for something new.

Vest: Topshop
Jeans: New Look

On the clearing out the crap front, I'm thinking of just getting rid of anything that involves needing sun to wear. Our 'Summer' here in the U.K has been on strike. To the point were I don't actual care about the 'no socks with open sandals' rule, I'm buying socks as if I'm growing extra feet and I'm wearing them. I guess I need to practice the art of the layer, this Oh My love top is pretty sheer so my Topshop ribbed vest just had to go underneath. At least I got to wear my new  Ebay flatforms, the ankle strap is too small, but if you cover the showing velcro with jeans you can swing it. Again don't care just want to pretend like it's summer.

What are you up to this weekend? Are you faking a summer wardrobe ...maybe those short shorts, with three pairs of tights perhaps.

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  1. Please tell me how you do your fab hair buns :) x

  2. I'm moving rooms (to my sister's now she's moved out) and I'm dreading my wardrobe. I've lived with a wardrobe I can't physically get into(fitted wardrobes in a boardrooms an awful idea) so I honestly have no idea what's in 70% of it.
    I need to practice the layered look too I'm totally taking tips from this. I hope I uncover and awesome sheet top like this :)
    You look awesome
    Ps can I join your socks and sandals gang?

  3. I love your hair and the layering is fab too!

    Maria xxx

  4. Think i've heard of the be more dog challenge but not sure what it is >.< Love the outfit, also I've been meaning to search for a nice big chunky ankh necklace a la neil gaiman's death off of the sandman series xD but I've been struggling, I mostly find crosses instead lol >.< Also love the buns in your hair btw :)

  5. I do love those shoes! And that giveaway is amazeballs and super generous :)

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

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