Oh My Love A/W 2013 Collection

Charlene from Strutt is now the visual and design creative at Oh My Love,  so I was really, really excited to see their new a/w collection as I have read her blog and adored her style forever so I knew I was going to be impressed. Me and Lauren headed to East London to a massive warehouse. Outside the folks of Mother flipper' burgers were making my mouth water, I knew as soon as I had seen the collection I was going to go stuff my face. The collection was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. It went from a glam rocker style with sequins and tartan into dresses in neon and cool prints of skylines, galaxy prints and lots of texture and detail. 

Charlene showed us the pieces she deigned, she picked up this stunning sequin blazer and than a chain mail style knit jumper. The cut and fabric choices oozed cool I loved every piece, I'm so glad she's at Oh My Love, I think her style and their's make for a vibrant, edgy collection. I'm really into the 90's so their collection fit in perfectly with that era, I feel like back than I had NO style where as at least this time I can look like Bjork. I also saw blog babes, Sara from Waiste (which is now being stocked at Oh My Love) and Robyn who was sporting some Waisted dungarees  (it was her birthday as well) who as always looked so cool. Also me and Amy got to finally have a real chat, she's so down to earth not to mention a babe. I also met the lovely Rhiannon, who has thee most amazing hair and is so sweet we were talking about how different blogging and You tube can be.  

Amy and I decided to get our nails done by the Nailgirls, Amy went for this cool galaxy one while I just got the oh my love heart on over a lilac colour.  Zoe was Djing, and once her set was over she came and joined in on the burger and mirror action. Trust me the banana is the latest must have. I had a wonderful evening and so happy to have seen the collection, it's already slowly hitting the website so keep an eye out for your favourite pieces.

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