O2 ' Be More Dog' Challenge

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you would have seen that I was sent two locked boxes last weekend yes I know it sounds like it's out of a movie right. I had to make a choice and once I had than O2 would tweet me the code. O2 have a new campaign 'Be More Dog' (not literally of course) still confused bare with me and all will become clear. One box was filled with lazy cat things to relax and just chill, but O2 wanted to challenge us by getting us out and doing something new and exciting and 'be more dog'. So what box to pick, staying inside my comfort zone and not taking a chance on something new, or just go for it. Naturally I think like all the others who are taking part, I picked dog!

I love the idea of this campaign - For example with all the gadgets and technology that were always so 'meh' and unimpressed just like cats, and that really things have never been so exciting, I mean my phone is my world (sad but true) being able to email, tweet, Instagram and edit my blog in my hands. Just like a dogs when you throw a ball, excited and ready.

Back to the box: Once it was open I was a bit nervous to see what I would be doing, greeted by a little cuddle dog I took out the file that was inside: 'Laura you and a friend, will be taking a trip on the Thames Rib Experience'* right away I relaxed. Growing up by the Thames I loved watching people on that speed boat, yep it's a speed boat that literally bounces across. Barry was going to come with me (my fella) but sadly has to stay in to wait for a delivery. Lucky for me I have amazing friends and Con agreed to join me.

11.00- Con gets to my house and we make our way to Victoria Embankment.

12.00- We are ready to go, but me having my head in the clouds end up at the wrong   pier and miss the boat. Yes I'm a doughnut it's official. 

12.30- We see the boat zoom off and it does look fun, we decided that being more dog means making the most. We head back across the river to the South bank to grab some food and enjoy such a beautiful sunny day.

So yes I was gutted that I missed the boat, but all was not lost as I got to spend time with my dear friend and see what was going on in her life. Were both going through changes (not all good) at the moment so it was perfect to have a natter and listen to one another.  I'm lucky I have such a great friend like Con, and I'm glad that I was ready to try something new. 

Since than I've been making more effort to get out, and not just me but making sure my two boys are out having fun too. We have been to the park, I've starting taken them to playgroups again and because it was so hot I set up a paddling pool out front. You can say yeah okay it's clever marketing and it is, but at the same time it's true. We moan about things, but unless we make a change life we pass by. It's okay to be a lazy cat sometimes, it's just when it's every day that you need to put a bark back into life. Okay yes I know that was a lame joke. Massive thank you to O2 I think I've been a cat for a while now and needed a kick to get me out of my runt. So what are dog or cat? How would you 'be more dog'?


  1. shame you missed it, but sometimes a good chat & yummy cocktail are all you really need! Thinking of you, hope you're all ok xx

  2. I can't believe you missed the boat dude! Very casual cat of you.

  3. Ah, gutted you missed the boat it does sound like such a fun thing to do!
    I'm doing this next weekend and I'm definitely picking the dog! Should be fun whatever I get! x

  4. ahh I've been reading everyones be more dog challenge and it sounds so fun! x


    Anita @ ATA|AllThingsAnita

  5. Oh no what a shame you didn't get to go on the boat! I think this whole experience with O2 is really cute - makes me wonder what was in the cat box though!!

  6. I've been hearing a lot about this campaign (and I LOVE the tv advert for it). I think I'm a cat, i like my comfort zone too much, and I panic a lot when I do something I'm not used to. That sounds so bad, doesn't it? I am becoming more of a "YES MAN" lately, though. Taking more chances than I usually would. x


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