Next A/W13 Collection

Once upon a time if you had invited me to a Next press day I would have passed, they were once geared towards workwear and very mumsy style clothing. Over the years they have dramatic changed that. The more and more I see pieces that a girl or Women could adapt to her wardrobe, I can't help but see that I want to be the Next customer. Yes me, bold in your face, pattern clashing, colour splashing I don't do classic me. It's step away from playing it style to a new form of the classics, it's still Next but it has grown and become like a friends wardrobe you want to raid. I also saw blog babes Claire, Gemma, Lyzi and Lauren too so it was great to have a chat and look at the collection together.

The collection itself was a feast of texture, I think their cocoon oversized jumper with leather (possible look not sure) trim is going to be a fave. Come winter everyone needs that throw it on and go jumper and this ticks the style side too. Lots of plaids span across the collection from twin piece top and trousers, to chunky knit jackets.They have the grunge vibe which is set to be huge this winter but it's very tailored and more a nod to the trend they the feel on look. I think this collection has a lot of versatile pieces in it, and with fab bags and shoes to complete your look their winter collection is a hit.


  1. Looks like a great collection , I cannot wait for A/W :) xxx

  2. Love the fur hooded parka in the first pic. And obvs your hair is looking stunning x

  3. Loving the shoes and bag on the last photo. Just of brogues that I will go for.
    I love planning for next seasons clothes.

  4. There are some amazing things here, I'm v impressed!

    Maria xxx

  5. N'awwww Law it was soooo good to see youuuuuuuuuu! Hope all is well, I saw your sad news on twitter last week and I hope your family are all looking after each other. Much love <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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