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London Retro glasses from MyOptique*

When I saw these glasses online, I say saw I kind of stared at the screen till they were almost clear. I didn't realise they were going to be this big, saying that I don't mind people thinking they are fake. Personal I love the style of these Bailey glasses, as I like glasses that are more unisex. It's great to see my eyes again, I do like my other glasses but it annoys me having the bottom of the frame so close. As these are more open, I find it easy to read more as I'm not distracted my the edgy of my glasses. I think the black block frame, is really smart so even on a t-shirt and jeans day they make me feel dressy. I have to wear glasses all the time, but I use to forget to wear my other frames. I think having frames that you feel good in, prompts you to wear them all the time. Plus as I said the bigger frame allows me to view more, and I usually forget I'm wearing them. 

The frame is also really tough, having two young kids and glasses is not the best mix. So when I discovered Logan around the side of the sofa, trying them on while I had been making his morning milky bottle. I was relaxed, while my other glasses use to make a creek sound the fear of the kids playing with them was awful. While I can see will ish, trying to read is a blurry nightmare without glasses. It use to give me really bad headaches, as I was over working my eyeballs to read that I had indeed set Sky to record Game Of Thrones and not some other random rubbish. 

Now I can relax, I love these frames and I feel confident wearing them. If you have a round face these will still you too, they give my face more shape and I feel like I finally have the right face to glasses ratio. London Retro have a wide range for both men and women to choose from I really adore the Eliza frames too. They were delivered quickly and it's really simply to get them to your prescription. 


  1. They're beauties! I love a statement pair of specs!

  2. These glasses look awesome, I have a pair of big black frames and I love them!

    Maria xxx

  3. I love London Retro! Was supposed to go to one of their events way back but it was the day I was moving up to Cardiff.
    These look amazing


  4. They look amazing, I have similar glasses too, I think plastic frames are very in! xx

    Nav | Navilicious Beauty


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