How I Wear: A Band T-shirt

Jeggings: Clothing at Tesco
Top: Primark
Shoes: EBay
Bag: Newlook (old)
Circle Sunglasses: Little Peaches Loves*

Firstly before anyone comments of course I'm a fan of Guns N Roses, I think it's a tad embarrassing to wear a band top that you have never heard of or never listened too. Wearing a band top is about your love for the music, so be proud of what you listen to who cares if others don't like them or it's not the in thing. Believe it or not I got this in Primark, yep in the mens section they have a heap of cool prints (so trendy it hurts a little) but oh well. Keeping with the bands feel, I grabbed my acid wash jeggings which I'm sure will fall apart soon and my 80's style bag. I also wore my awesome new circle sunglasses and donned my 90's style chunky sandals which I'm living in lately. This is my favourite albums and it just happens to have one of thee best cover art, it even goes with my hair. I think sometimes it's better to let the top do the talking, and keep the rest simple. This is what I wore to go shopping in, as it's easy to get on and off but yeah I'll be wearing this till it has holes in. How do you wear your fave band T-shirt?


  1. Tee - FIT. Shoes - FIT. Face - FITTEST xxxxx

  2. Lookin' SO cool Law. Love your new 'do too. I love my Joy Division t, they're always conversation starters aren't they :) ♥ Claire at Jazzpad

  3. Love the t-shirt, you can find some really good stuff in the menswear sometimes :) and I agree, it's so annoying when someone wears a band t-shirt when they don't listen to their music! xx

  4. My favourite band tee tee is my sex pistols tee that was bought for me when I was 12 so MASSIVE holes and I'm pretty sure it no longer fits but I refuse to throw it away. I uses to wear it wuth a black lace skater skirt or jeans (so simple) and boots. Until about 6 months ago I never owned another band tee as I felt like I "wasn't brought of of a fan" until I saw the rolling stones vest in primark and it was so perfect I couldn't resist and has well and truly opened the floodgates. I need you guns and roses tee!

  5. You definitely pull of the band tee look very well! and your hair is amazing lady x

  6. Love this look! Found my way to your blog through Instagram!

    RyliinRuin :)


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