How I wear: Floral Converse With A Dress

Trainers: Converse* Sliver Necklace: Charity shop

Rings: Primark, charity shop, Ebay
Bracelets: Little Ricky's Treasures* & charity shop
Nail polish: Models Own
Dress: H&M 

These Floral Converse are so comfortable, they are so unlike my other pairs as they are really girly, so natural I thought the first time I wear them should be with a dress. I've had this dress ages but barely worn it because summer took ages this year. Now the sun is here I've had my legs out almost every day. I do like this dress even if it does have a picnic blanket vibe, I think it matches my hair nicely. I used some St. Moriz tan spray as it looked odd with tan everywhere and pale little legs. I think Converse make such a nice change from sandals, as I love sandals but your feet get dirty quick when your walking around the city. Plus I love the print on these, it's lilac and blue flower print look like it should be on a bone china cup and saucer instead. 

Sadly after taking these photos my nail snapped and i had to cut them, I was gutted as I had got them to a nice length oh well. They also matched the colours of this dress, this one was a H&M cheap deal they have them on almost all the time and so you can get a nice top or dress for well under £10. Anyway the moment you have been waiting for the winner of the £50 ASOS voucher is.... Cherry!! Congrats my lovely, we will be sending you your voucher ASAP. Fear not I have some more giveaways coming up for you all. 


  1. eeep cute!!! love your necklace too lovely!!

  2. YOUR HAIR IS INCREDIBLE!!! And the Converse are so so cool - I've not seen that print before :) xx

  3. You are far too pretty, stop it immediately.

  4. BEAUT. Hair is looking epic darl xxx

  5. LOVE YOUR HAIR LAURA! It looks absolutely amazing!

  6. Those converse are so effing cute xx

  7. Hair Colour is amazing! I especially love how you've matched it to your dress...hehe! Super jealous of you charity shop necklace too x

  8. Oh hi pretty bee! Love the dress & necklace, looks just awesome xx


  9. OMG I want those converse, am going to hunt them out while I am on holiday :)


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