Beach Bum

Top: Zack (old)
Skirt: Chairty shop
Shoes: (old)
Necklace: New Look*

I'm so happy photoshop is up and running again, so I can start posting up my reviews and 101 outfit posts. It's been really hard not having it, I've become so use to being able to resize my photos and adjust colours. I should really use it more on my face to cover all my spots and bags, but it's pointless as when you meet people in real life your busted. We spent a lovely weekend at Barry's (my other half) mum's, the kids played in the garden and I enjoyed the peace of not checking emails and just relaxing. 

I didn't know if I should post this outfit, as I look a right state. But I think it's important to share what you want, this is me sometimes I do have roots and wear next to no makeup. This top is too cool not to show, it's from my teens and I could never throw it I'll probably be a 90 year old and still trying to rock it. I'm stuck between surfer hippy (and no I can't surf) and 90's raver, the sun just makes me want to be by the beach or around a camp fire. So yeah sorry lots of old outfits to come, but anyway I'll have a few reviews and I'll be revealing the ASOS voucher winner tomorrow. Stay tuned.
How was your weekend? 


  1. Love your outfit. Very Gwen stefani in the 90s.


  2. That top is pretty whacky looking, is it really old? Ah yeah the giveaway, well i'm running on now so you can enter if you fancy.

  3. That is a stunning necklace, Law! x


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