How To Style A 90'S Outfit

Today's post is a little different, I've been getting lots of emails lately asking for advice on the 90's trend and how to get the look without spending a heap of money. I'm not saying this is how you have to get the look, this is just to give you inspiration and is just a guide. So I've put together some looks with items that I feel really sum up the 90's for me.

The Crop Top

The crop top can be tricky, but if you are not a fan of showing your midriff than op for a high waisted maxi skirt. Back in the 90's these were floor length and tight fitted, if you can found one with some kind of zip detail even better. Pair with a chunky boot, or platform sandals this is great for us shorter girls but almost tough the look. The 90's was about being a little sexy but kicking some butt too think- Spice girls, Gwen, Bjork. When it gets cold a fluffy crop top is perfect, and finish this look with some top knots. 

The Dungarees 

I just can't get enough of dungarees, they are so perfect to just throw on and go. I do like the short version, but of course full length are even better as they will take you from season to season. You can find them pretty much everywhere are anywhere, if your after a cheap option Primark and EBay have they in different lengths and fabrics. I got mine from Beyond Retro as I do love vintage, and they didn't cost very much. For the amount of time you will wear them, it's so worth it. As it's a 90's theme, you have to have some jelly shoes and this daisy sweater is too cute. Also turtle necks look great with dungarees, and of course just finish the look with a high ponytail (scrunches are optional).

The Turtle neck

Again you can find the turtle necks all over from vintage to high street, also check out your local charity shops and car boot sales and if you can get a velvet one you have high the jackpot. I think these look great on just about everyone, high waisted jeans, shorts and skirts are a lifesaver if again your not a tummy on show gal. I love the cut out boots they stop the outfit from looking too sexy, and the bumbag is a 90s must perfect when your not in the mood to lug a massive bag around.

I hope you have enjoyed these and that they give you some inspiration, of course you don't have to buy exactly what is show. I just hope it will give you some ideas of what to look out for and possibly ways to style key pieces. There are so many ways to get the 90's look without having to buy any new clothing, hair and makeup can easily transform your look so you can pretend that your as cool as Drew Barrymore. Let me know if your having any fashion woes, I love putting these together and I hope that they help.


  1. I love the second outfit and the velvet top in the last outfit! <3

    Ellen xx

  2. This is excellent :) I've bought a turtle neck ages ago and other than a pin-up look was so confused with how to style it. Definatly going to give it a 90s make over :)

  3. These outfits are super cute! Totally want to rock a split skirt now! x

  4. You always look amazing, you really suit the 90s look but I'm not sure that I can pull it off!

    Maria xxx

  5. Love every single one of these outfits.. I literally can't get enough of the 90s trend. The turtleneck/ shorts/ bum bag combo has to be my favourite!




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