Caudalie Paris Event

I've been a drugstore and high street girl for as long I can remember, saying that I do have the odd blow out and go for the more up market things. Life's too short not to have a little treat every now and than, and if it's something you will use daily it's worth investing in. So attending the Caudalie event with Hayley, Joanna and Julie, I was intrigued to see if they had anything to tempt me from my cheap favourites to spending a bit extra. The event was held at Mahki in Dover street London, and I can see why all the celebs flock there it has a tropical beach hunt feel and you can forget your in the city for a while. We were shown the latest products Caudalie have added to their already impressive range.

Hayley was my arm model, as one of the lovely team from Caudalie began to demo 'Divine' products and tell us  the benefits of each. It's great that they do not test on animals, and they use grapes in their products which is so wonderful nourishing for skin. One that we were both taken by is Caudalie's Divine body scrub, the smell of grape and agran oil give it such a sweetie but not sickly smell. Hayley's arm was so soft and she said that the scrub was not to harsh on her skin either. I really liked the sound of the radiance serum, it's designed to correct dark spots and brighten your complexion. After having Logan my butterfly mask - Which is like a mass of freckles covering just under the eyes and across the cheekbones during pregnancy  never faded. It makes me look and feel a lot older and I dislike having to try to mask it everyday, I prefer to wear less cover up as it stops my skin breaking out. So I wanted to try it, the smell was again fresh not sickly and I liked the tear drop style applicator it's like a youth potion haha. It's oil free too, so great for acne suffers like myself. 

If your a love of that summer glow without having to sit waiting for it to develop for an hour, their Divine legs could be your answer. I'm not one for fake tan, as it always looks odd on me. This is like nothing I've seen in the drugstores, it's really dark but when you spread it out over the skin it gives you thee most even colour. It's not dry either and the smell is okay too, you can get a glow without the fear of smelling like a mouldy biscuit. This will help with the first pale leg outings. I think that while I'm happy with some of my cheap drugstore goodies, I would opt for the serum and body scrub they are products that would make a real different in my skin and are worth putting aside for. Your paying for the quality of the ingredients used, and it's great to know that they went it to be as natural as possible.


  1. What a lovely evening!
    I really love your photo's!

    Kelly ||

  2. Oooo I love me a bit of caudalie! Their lip balm is brilliant.

  3. Grapes and argan oil!! :O sounds amaxing. I get patchy skin too (all over my body actually) so that serum sounds right up my alley. I always thought freckles make people look younger (I was desperate fir freckles when I was little) x


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