Wish List: Hippy At Heart

I'm trying so hard not to buy things I don't need, but you know what it's like. I'll be reading a magazine, a blog, see someone Instagram and I'm like 'I  need want it!'. Saying that these are all things that I have came across while being bored and browsing at night. You may remember seeing me Instagram about the daisy flats, I still can't decided which pair to buy. I just love their cute 90s feel and they are the type of shoes I'll wear a lot, I'm trying not to buy heels at the moment as I already have a heap I'm not wearing enough. 

Than there's the Shiva dress, it's my dream dress neon and in a t-shirt style but I just don't have the money for it at the moment. I think if I still want it in a month, than I will save for it. I would wear it a lot, as you could throw it over jeans and I'd pair it with either my converse or some boots. Also I like every other blogger and their cat, am loving the floral head crown I really love this one as it's a cute mix of flowers and actual go with the shoes. What can I say it's all about black, yellow and white. How cute is this neon bracelet it has a dream catcher feel about it, and feel right at home will my other charm bracelets. So yes this is what I've been dreaming about, what are you trying to resist buying? Or maybe there is something special your saving for, I'd love to know.


  1. I literally love all of these! :)
    Love dream catchers, floral headcrowns and daisys!


  2. these pumps are amazing! don't think I can decide which I like best! hanna x

  3. These All look so festival chic! I love the second ones in think they would look amazing with a summer dress! X


  4. Nice picks Law. Loving the hippy trippy feel, I might have to purchase the bracelet.

    Sophie xx


  5. I love that dress, and those shoes are so awesome :)

  6. great picks. just found your blog love it!
    velvet-daisy.blogspot.com xxx


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