Do We All Look The Same

There's no question really that in the blog world and even in real life, yes even you non bloggers can't get anyway with this one. There's no question that were all starting to look the same. No I hear you cry, I'm unique no one looks like me. I would love to say the same, but the more I look around the more I see that actually it's kind of wonderful the  way we influence one another. With social media every where we turn and even magazines taking inspiration from the blog world and the other way round, it was only a matter of time before trends were over before they had hit the shops. So we all some how (I like to believe by fairy magic) clicked into the same fashion vibe. There seems to be a taboo if you will about having similar (or the same) look, once like most people I would have said I hate it. Also black listed that person, and hoped that everyone knew that look was stolen. Very mature of me. 

Image: Taken from my Instgram of the Wildfox Lookbook

Saying this now I'm more guilty than every, of saying those words that were never suppose to say 'Where did you get that?' meaning I need it! Now lets slow it down before anyone misunderstands. I'm not talking about cloning someone, for example you see a blogger with a cute outfit- Rather than literally becoming a carbon copy of that image i.e. being a clone/wannabe. I'm talking more about taking maybe one or two ideas and infusing it into your style. You may not have been with the 'it' crowd, when this must have item or look was being hyped to death but that's not to say you now can't wear it. I'm very open about saying and sharing, who I spotted in what I have purchased first. It doesn't mean I'm going to start stalking their every look, and check their Instagram every five minutes to track down their latest purchase.

Some how we all have little tribes, and there are no rules that say you have to stay in one. You have your grunge lot, who like things more trashy to the more hippy mellow feel. There are the classics Cath Kinston inspired, the cute and the prom queens. The everything Zara or Topshop, the label lovers and the savvy thrift finders. It doesn't matter where you fit in or what look you tend to lean towards, we all take from one another. Take the new 'it' hat the beanie, once part of urban and street wear, now taken more into the fashion chic crew. The more rough rocker girls have in turn, styled it up with that classic black strappy shoe (you know the one everyone has copied from Zara) even I have a pair and have lost count at how many people I have seen in them. So looking at it in more detail I'd say NO we are not really exactly the same, as we are ourselves and have our own ideas of style and that's not lost. But we do influence one another in terms of what we buy and ways to wear things, and its great. Rather than treating this like a dirty little secret, we should embrace those that inspire us. Also remember that maybe were inspiring someone, somewhere too maybe not in sweat pants and flip flops on a 'I don't give a crap' day. 

Maybe you inspire people to try something new, maybe to know that you can be stylish whatever your shape or size and maybe to take a risk in showing what we love and like. If you feel good wear it, if someone asks you 'Where did you get that?' be flattered and don't fear it. If you do have an annoying clone who could be your body double in a movie, than ignore them you don't need to tell people. Feel sorry for them, that they need to do that. 

Would love to hear your thoughts, do you think people are starting to look the same? Has it always been this way? Every had someone clone your style, how did you deal with it? 


  1. Great post! I always say that there's a sort of underlying 'blogger style' and then there are particular pieces like a certain style of shoe or slogan t shirt that every blogger seems to have. I tend to notice that when a few of the bigger high street bloggers latch onto something, the rest soon follow. That said, I don't think it's necessarily being a copycat; sometimes I think being a blogger is like belonging to a cool gang! Katie xxx

    1. See I've found it the other way around, I've spotted bigger bloggers sporting trends from smaller ones. Not always but lately I've noticed it a lot I think they assume that because someone is not out there another they can just copy there look and everyone who follows they will think they have great style. I unfollow a famous blogger because I noticed that I'd already spotted 'their' look months ago on other new bloggers and I'm talking head to toe . Exactly it's nice to take a few things and give them your own twist rather than just stalking someones style foot print. xx

  2. I love this post! This is something I am constantly complaining about to my boyfriend; where has individuality gone? Bloggers have now almost become copies of each other and I think that just gets boring. I can understand that we don't have the best weather here but I'm sure creativity can reach a higher level.
    I have had a few people clone my style, well try to ablnd to be honest, I have no problem with that at all. It shows that they admire your style which is great:) still, INDIVIDUALITY needs to stroll back in haha xx

    1. I think it can be easy to lose sight of want your style is, theres always that temptation to do the same saying that copying outright is just dull. I think if your making it your own than people see it. Here here, it becomes a joke when everyone is dressing the same and even in non blog world I see girls?guys dress like it. I want to say, do you actual like what your wearing? Or do you feel it's what you should wear because of trends etc ...

  3. Brillant post, it is true that we all take style ideas from each other whether we choose to believe it or not. I often come across many fashion bloggers who inspire me to try something new. x

    1. And why not, I'm guilty of buying things because I've seen it on someone but that's where it ends. Than you wear it the way you want, it's great to find a blog that makes you want to have more fun and try something new. There are a lot out there too doing their own thing, I always feel they never get the recognition they deserve. xx

  4. This is a brilliant post, Laura.

    To be honest, I'd be flattered if someone tried to match my look. It shows you're doing something right!

    Writer’s block and broken lenses

  5. Thank you for the awesome comment. About her plus to purple lippy is you can munch on ad many blueberry as you want and no one even notices. And don't be silly you didn't look stoned in the swap shop ootd.
    I've been thinking about this post for a few days and I'll welcome someone stealing my style (I know it will never happen) because then I might actually feel I have a style rather then sort of pick and mix everything.
    I've defiantly noticed more people dressing the same, I thought it might meant some sort of of gang- I could talk to the "topshop teens" at our local gig venue but I still get stated at :( apparently running over to a girl in the loo to show your share s love of primarily knickers isn't the done thing.x

  6. Hey Laura,

    As a (relatively) newbie fashion blogger who takes her inspiration from the vintage fashions of yesteryears, I have also been pondering this question. I've read (and thought) that some street styles and fashion styles in general have become a lot about appropriation. I guess it's becoming harder and harder to remain cutting edge, if you're classing yourself as an innovative fashion blogger.

    As you've said above, a huge part of why I started blogging was to be inspired and inspire people. I really hope that in reading my blog people feel inspired to try vintage styles and that they see how empowering the inspirational vintage era women are to fashion today! I know I have a long way to go, but this is the direction I hope I am moving towards and which I will continue to strive towards!

    I would love to hear your thoughts, as you're a great inspiration to me!



  7. Oh my goodness, YES. I read literally hundreds of blogs and I get certain ones mixed up or see the same piece of clothing over and over again. I work in Topshop and we get groups of girls in who are all dressed identically. I sometimes wonder if I'm doing the same, but I think I stick to my own style. You definitely do too!
    It can be extra frustrating when you think your style is a little different but your blog still isn't taking off, when there are lots of really successful cookie-cutter ones. x


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