Radley Spring/ Summer 2013

I finally recovered my iPhone photos, yes sadly half way through running around press days my camera died on me so in stepped Mr iPhone. So firstly sorry these are not really clear and sharp, as I would have liked to show you. Moving on this Radley collection is now instore! Yes you read that correctly, yes I could have show you this months ago but  than it's upsetting when you have to wait and can't just click and buy. So if you see something that takes your fancy, than  you can buy online too. Okay so as your wallet will be crying by the end of this post, lets talk S/S  2013 Radley collection. 

Radley to me was always what I would saw frumpy older people having on their arm, well did they slap me in the face with a massive NOT ANY MORE! Not literally of course, but this collection screamed 'buy me, I'm fresh, clean and modern, you need me. Buy me now!' With all the colours of the rainbow (okay minus purple), this collection was a marriage of skittles meets dreamy arm candy. If your not into bright coloured bags, than maybe the Laura Bailey maybe more your style. Yes Laura has designed a whole collection for Radley, her collection is perfect for those weekends away what with a grab bag and shoulder bags in tans and black leather they are instant classic must haves. 

I personally loved the Aldgate bag, it comes in a range of colours but the green really stole my heart. It's great because it has lots of of pockets and it has a shoulder strap for if you want a break from carrying it on your arm. It would be so perfect as a work bag, as it's practical as well as being chic. So I would say these bags are more of investment pieces, as they will last you, and because of there classic style. They are less trend pieces, which is perfect as they will carry you from season to season. The bags are made from premium leather, and I couldn't help but give them a rub.... Divine, is all I'm going to say.

They have hand woven leathers this season also, so the price reflects the work that has gone into each bag. I think for a bag that will last you years, it's worth it and price will pay off per wear, instead of cheap bags that don't last as long. If you don't have a heap of cash, they have a great range of shopper bags, which range from £10-£20 pounds. Which have a range of pretty prints, including their classic Dog icon print which I love. Also perfect for anyone who doesn't buy leather. Overall I think Radley has a new image, a new customer. These bags are perfect for your girl about the city, to the modern mature lady who is showing young girls what style looks like. Great classics that will see you well into next year.


  1. Wow, I love the rainbow bags! I'd want one of each haha!

    Jesss xo

  2. I always used to think of Radley as an older persons brand. But these bags are gorgeous!


  3. Oh my god all those bright colours! I'm in love!

  4. My Mum is the biggest Radley fan ever, I even have a little red purse. I love all of these bright rainbow bags - definitely fresh and perfect for summer (fingers crossed we get some sunshine!). xxx

  5. Ahhh they have done well presenting their bags...stunning!x


  6. nice use of colour coords, classic mum's brand


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