Back On You Tube

Trying to make some You Tube videos again, as some times it's easier to make a video than to write a post regards hauls. At the same time, You Tube scares me, people seem to feel you own them. If you don't make a video than your an ungrateful,  horrible, rude person. It's a little surreal, I'm not a guru and don't have a massive following but have still had really nasty comments from people. I think you have remind yourself that it's up to you, if you feel like making a video than do it. I like to make them, for the generally lovely people who like them and don't demand them.

It saddens me, to see fellow blog friends (or anyone) receive such hate just because they have not made a video. I'm enjoying finding new You Tubers to watch, I love a good haul, or D.I.Y so if you have You Tube please leave me your link so I can add you. Let me know if there's any videos you would like to see, as to be honest I'm clueless with ideas. I may update my twitter tag video (this was a tag I made up, because it wanted one for everyone and anyone). Check it out, it's pretty funny I'm using a better camera now, so at less you can see things clearly now. Anyway what do you think of blogs vs You Tube? Do you feel they are massively different or very similar? Would love to know.


  1. The jewels on that jumper and the sequin skirt are sooooo pretty!!!! Great haul. I go through phases of buying loads too, til it gets too much and I run out of space/can't even use stuff!! Well done for winning the ASOS comp :) xx

  2. love the polka dot skirt the most out of everything you bought :) Saw you last night at the ax circus event although i didn't get a chance to say hello to you as you was quite busy! (N) x


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