Decolour Stripper Review: Plus How To Strip Your Hair

So before I recoloured my hair, I really needed to strip the colours out (just the dip dyed ends) as after a while they get really dull plus because I dye my roots darker the brown starts to make it's way down my hair and my colours look less vibrant. The only thing is that stripping your hair really weakens it, so when asked if I would like to try Decolour - A stripper that was gentle I though 'bring it'. 

It's really important to read the instructions, so don't be tempted to skip them and assume things. I've learned the hard way in the past with products, so now make sure I have a good read get set up than apply the product. So first thing to do is make sure you have an old t-shirt on, you don't want to damage your clothing. I have a couple of tops I keep that are used for dying my hair, note it's tie dye effect haha. 

Step One: Make sure your hair is clarified -you do this by cleansing the hair with a sulphate free shampoo to remove conditioning residue and styling products. Leave the hair damp. Take Part 1, the power and make sure you mix well with Part 2 the developing cream. Make sure you have no lumps or the product will not work effectively. 

Step Two: Work from the mid section down in the hair. As your roots should always be the last section, as they will have less colour build up. work the cream into the hair until it's completely covered both on top, and under.  Use a brush just to run through your hair, if it's long like mine you can miss bits and you don't want patchy hair.There's no ammonia in this, so I found the smell was not as harsh as other products I've used in the past.

Step Three: Check developing time, it states how long for different hair colour. I didn't leave mine on long, as I knew the colour would lift quickly. Once the time is up, rinse the product out. Than apply the conclude balm, this will help normalise the hair and leave it easier to manage. Than rinse and than you can recolour right away. 

Overall I was impress with this stripper, it did the job but my hair didn't feel as weak as it does with past strippers I've used. I think it was pretty great considering how much damage I have from bleach to the ends of my hair (it's like straw). It's a great way of getting rid of built up colour, and if your trying to change the colour of your hair it's a great option. Bleach is really harsh and can melt your hair, plus you have the fumes. This is a little smelly, but it's not as harsh. Once my hair is in better condition I will be using this all over, as I've tortured my hair a lot lately i need to let it rest.


  1. I used a colour stripper recently too - I THINK it was this one - and was super impressed. I didn't realise permanent colour would come out like that!

    1. Yeah it's really great better than keeping hitting the bleach x

  2. This product looks fantastic. My sister is hairdresser and she got a colour stripper to try and was very sketical- and rightly so. We used o to go from black to ginger in my hair, washed it twice went to add toner to my untouched roots and when washing it out my hair went black! I ended up bleaching it but you can still feel the stripper in my hair a year later it still grabs at colour. :(

  3. Oh this looks so cool! So instead of getting rid of the blue completely it turns it pink? or did you put the pink in?
    Fashion Ganache.

    1. haha no I already had the pink, from colouring before the blue. It is really good, and it has not damaged my hair :) x

  4. Fab post!

    I currently have turquoise hair and looking to change the colour soon. This products sounds way better than box standard bleach (which has KILLED my hair!)




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