Missguided Bloggers House Party - SS13 Collection

It's always great when you have not seen your blog pal's in a while, and than comes an amazing event and they are going. So I was over the moon when I was invited by Sara to the Missguided bloggers house party. It all took place at the house where the kings speech was filmed, which is such an incredible space. The new Missguided s/s collection, looked amazing against the weather vintage wall paper and sofas. My eye was instantly drawn to all the eye popping neon and surf style wear. Bodycon and prints galore, these piece's are not for the faint hearted. I really adored the Opal skirt which was covered in hot pink large sequins, and the whole surf/hippy vibe is so me. 

Selfie in the mirror
Neon surf chic
More Selfies in the mirror with Shope
Me and Lucy 
Divine shoes

The shoes were insane, there were a pair of mint spiky heels that I can see being on every gal's wish list. I loved these Alice in Wonderland style wedges, that would go so well with all their number monochrome prints. It made me want to cry when I think of our weather in the U.K at the moment. Still you can alway layer, we must not forget the art of layering.

 With blog pals Mel, Shope, (me), Becca, Lucy and Shore
Lots of Ombre and Aztec 
Helena and Sara looking fab
Chilling out on the sofa
Shope and Me
Instagram fun

In another room it was a bloggers dream, a touch screen for us to look at pieces we had seen online. A groovy D.I.Y station, so we could pick something from Missguided to put our own spin on it. I tried to stud a smiley face, on a acid wash top. It all went a little wrong, so now it's randomly studded still it was great fun. There was a styling comp, where Missguided had one of their models that we could style an outfit on! It was like having a real life Barbie, but instead of Barbie the model looked like Caggie Dunlope (total utter beaut). If you click my Instagram you can see my style entry. She completed rocked it and the shorts I picked were tiny, and I wish I could have rocked them like her.

The DJ was awesome playing old skool Britney and the whole evening was perfect. It was relaxed and I loved D.I.Y and styling extras it really added to it, and it didn't feel like a press event at all. The selfie mirrors were pretty cool too, so we could all do the blogger must and snap away. It was great to see that a brand is embracing the bloggers need to over share. Because lets face it, we all enjoy a selfie - People can deny it, but it bets seeing selfies of people in the loo. It was a welcome pick me up, and after being stuck in the house due to my back it was lovely to be out having a laugh with like minded people.   You need to watch Lucy's vlog below, so funny.

Getting interactive with their touch screen
Missguided team looking sharp


  1. Cool pictures. I see, you have a lot of fun!


  2. Wow this looks like an utterly amazing day! You all look so gorgeous! Now I need some dungarees Laura!

  3. Oh those wedges are on my wishlist for sure!


    Looking hawwwwwwwt lady xxxxx

  5. Ah I bet it was SO much fun!

    Rosie x

  6. Your dungarees are so cute, I want a pair! <3


  7. haha in the 4th photo it looks like that guys hand is mine ! #manhand

  8. your jacket in the first picture is lush! looks like you had an amazing time :)


  9. lovely post! You all look amazing :)

  10. Eeeeppppp!! I can't believe it took me so ling to read this post as I've been waiting for it since your instagramm photos :) I can't wait fir the new season stuff most importantly those shoes! I'm a bit of a neon-phobic but I think I can make room for a few pieces :)

  11. So lovely to meet you babes! xxx

  12. Hey, I've just come across this. Great post! I'm wondering if the party took place in London or Manchester? If you could email me at LucySmith_Fashion@hotmail.com I would appreciate it so much!!



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