D.I.Y Day 14# : Tie Dye T-shirt

Tie dye is a massive trend, and so I know it's a simple one but I thought I would do a step by step for those of you who have never tie dyed before. You can use may methods to achieve tie dye, this is a really simple one that anyone can do. It's great for kids to try, Corben my three year old helped me dye some of his old tops this way. Just be careful with the warm/hot water part. So it's super easy and it cost very little. You don't need much, and it doesn't take long you can tie pretty much anything. It's great for updating an old item of clothing, for the on trend 90's look that is huge at the moment. I picked this blue from Dylon, as again, blue tie dye is massively on trend. I think this would look great on a maxi dress, so lets get started.

Step One: Pick an item you would like to dye, be it new or old. You can tie dye an old printed t-shirt which can look cool or a white maxi dress (very 90s grunge). Anyway make sure you can dye the fabric, cotton is best to use. Also you could always dye bedding and curtains if you want to update your home interior too. I picked a white t-shirt. Pinch the fabric in random places, and tie your rubber band nice and tight around it. This will be where the dye can't take, creating the star burst effect.

Step Two: Damped your fabric, as this helps the dye take. I used a hand wash fabric dye, and just a small pack. Follow the instructions on the back, your pack size will determine your water to salt ratio: mine was 250g (5 tbsp) of salt to 6 litres warm water (40c). Give this a good stir before you add the dye.

Step Three: Pour the dye in and stir, than take your item of clothing and make sure you soak them/it well. Stir your item for the first 15 minutes, than around every now and than over the 40 minutes (you can leave it longer, if you like). Once the time is up, run it under cold water to get rid of any excess dye. Than you can remove the rubber bands, hang to dry. Your finished ...just make sure you wash your item separately for the first few washes. It's that easy and you can use it to update heaps of things. 

If you want multi coloured spiral (spider) tie dye, watch this guys video below. His a dye legend, and his methods work really well. It's easy and it doesn't cost very much, but it's a great.


  1. Looks lush! Great tutorial ♥


  2. eee that looks like SO much fun!

    Katie x

  3. it's proper easy and cool that it turns out different every time. i used to do this when i was a teenager, think i still have them somewhere.


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