Little Treasures

Yesterday me and Barry (my fella) managed to grab a little time together, baby was with my mum and we had just dropped Corben off to nursery. London is stupidly cold, we have had no snow yet but the wind is drying out my skin out something rotten. My eye's were watering non stop, so I almost ended up looking like Alice Copper sad times. Apart from eyeliner drama, it was really nice and relaxed. We had a nice breakfast, and just enjoyed the walk around the city. My back is feeling a lot better, lots of gentle stretching seems to be the trick for when you have thrown your back out and advice from you lovelies on twitter.

Blazer: River Island
Holographic Top: ASOS
Scarf: New Look
Skirt: Charity shop
Boots: Primark (old)
Bracelets: Little Ricky's Treasures *

I attempted to bleach all my hair, but in true Laura style the bleach wouldn't lift all my pre dyed hair. So now I have thee most random mess on my head! For fear of it falling out, Ive decided to kill it with bleach next month and try and achieve my seapunk hair. I love the seapunk trend, lots of raver prints and bright colour. So I was really happy when Cara, send me these bracelets from her new shop Little Ricky's Treasures. I've not taken them off, and they look so cute stacked all together. The different colours have different meanings too. They make me feel as if I've been to a festival, and the wishbone one is my favourite.  So it was the perfect pick me up.


  1. Your skirt is awesome. What a bargain charity shop find!

  2. LOVE your skirt and booots!

  3. I think you look lovely :) It's so tempting to wear dull colours when the weather's like this- you have the right idea x

  4. So colorful! :) I'm glad you're feeling better! X

  5. Love this outfit! It's so fun!

    Emma x

  6. LOVE those bracelets and the blazer. Think I need to get down to River Island pronto. Hannah x

    1. You can get the bracelets from Only £3 each x

  7. Love the skirt! The sun better make an appearance soon!

  8. You're hair was an accident? It looks so cool!!! But I can't wait to see your sealing do :)
    Glad your back is feeling batter I get terrible backache and find massages and heat work the best. Also chocolate, lots of chocolate.

  9. I don't know where you live but I need to be heading there, I live in North London and up until today there's been fresh snow on the ground! Day ruiner. Personally I like the hair x

  10. You look lovely, you really suit bright blue!

    Maria xxx

  11. Wow great find in the charity shop - that skirt is fab. Love this post! x

  12. Really love that skirt and the scarf is amazing. Glad your back is getting better.

  13. Lovely, I really like your crazy style!

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