Fun With Baz & Law

This was from a few days back, as over the weekend I managed to throw my back out. I know right 'well done Laura' it's been a little better today but I'm taking it slow. It's all a bit depressing at the moment, Spring is non existent and me and my family are going through a rough time (back problems excluded). Still were trying to keep our heads up and stay strong. I always think of the film Fun With Dick & Jane, were they end up losing everything and turn to dramatic measures to try and get their life back. I don't think me and Barry will be robbing banks soon, but the threat of no work and having two kids to look after it's tempting. Honestly I'm not, ski masks don't suit me.

Shirt: eBay
Boots: eBay
Necklace: Topshop
Hat: Primark

Still really ill, it's been horrible not being to do anything and struggling to help look after the kids. I really adore this dress, the cut out detail and it's smock like cut it was great to escape my pyjamas. I have so much I want to wear/have to wear  for the first time and it's been annoying just being stuck in. I think next month should be better and warmer I hope. On a good note my nails have been getting painted regular, and getting really long. So I've enjoyed using all my different nail polishes, below I have Barry M gelly hi shine polish in Prickly Pear. Than I went for a little Models Own Boogie nights mirrorball polish to finish                     


  1. Absolutely love that dress and shirt , you look beautifulllll xx

  2. Oh Laura i'm thinking of you! Hope things turn around soon!
    Loving your blouse by the way :)

  3. Your necklace is too cute and I looove those nails!

    The Style Rawr - UK Fashion and Style Blog

  4. Love the colour of your nails!

  5. Wow, your dress is so so lovely.

    Rosie x

  6. sending you a big hug law! hope everything gets better, things aren't always easy, and we have to soemtimes take time out to focus on these.
    You do still look fab however and your dress is lovely. xx

    The Little's.

  7. This look is so lovely - I love the shirt! You're always impeccably well dressed xx

  8. Wow amazing look- I love the shirt layer a under the cut outs :)
    Sorry to hear about your dress and the family drama- if you need an alibi I'm here ;)

  9. So sorry that things are tough for you at the moment. Hope spring will arrive soon and things will be brighter for you. Love your cosy outfit, the necklace is lovely.

  10. So sorry to hear things have been rubbish recently, I hope they improve soon!

    Maria xxx


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