Rihanna For River Island After Party

Note: I actual forget about this post, I thought I had posted it clearly not. So it's mega late, but better later than never I always say.

So yes I know I have not talked about much else last month on twitter, here and every where else but for me getting invited to Rihanna's show was like being Charlie and going to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. I've never been that girl. I'm the girl who gets picked last, buys a dress to later find a massive hole where the tag has been and lose the receipt. The girl who was never a cool kid. But for a few hours I got to party like I had always been a cool kid, the music was amazing and the drinks were flowing ........

Me, Latouche, Lauren and Sheree

Me, Lauren and Sheree it's safe to say didn't know who to go talk to first. There were so many famous faces and they were all so relaxed and comfortable. So not in a stalk you all night kind of way, we got chatted to well most of them. I think it's easy to forget that they are people, and it's nice to ask them how they are or talk about something normal. Cara was so cool, she looked stunning you can't see in my photo but she had on these black leather over the knee boots. But I loved that she was dancing and just seemed happy to chat with everyone and do hear own thing. Rosie and Proudlock (Oliver) were there from Made In Chelsea, we didn't get to chat to them much as it was before the show. They both looked so polished, Rosie has flawless skin and were very happy to have photos with us.

The stunning Delilah
Mega babe Leomie Anderson and me
Me and gemma (Gem Fatale) with matching lipstick
Sheree and Facehunter

Gemma and I, had a quick caught up and were both in shock still that we had just met Cara and how unbelievable cool she was. I think the funniest thing was Sheree getting snapped by Facehunter, and just thinking he was some random warm friendly guy. He was really sweet, and was chatting with some gorgeous girls (I think one was his girlfriend, I don't know). He also knows Latouche well as his been snapped a few times by the street style photography, and they were having a chat. Lauren introduced me to her many friends, who are complete babes! 

Leomie Anderson (mega fox) who walked the show and is also a blogger of Cracked China Cup! How she manages everything, I will never know. She looked utterly divine in the outfit's she modelled for the show, and is so lovely and humble. You can read all about her experience of walking for Rihanna here. Her and her friend were just enjoying the atmosphere as much as we were, everyone was on a mental high I think. Also I met Lauren's friends 

I was looking for Sheree in the crowd (who was outside chatting with Vince Kidd) and ended up bumping into, not literally thankful Elle's accessory Editor Donna Wallace! I tried to keep my cool, I have followed her in Elle magazine for years so it was a honour to met her. She looked amazing as she always does, I think her leather dungarees were from Topshop it was hard to hear what with the 90's tunes being banged out.

Lauren and Sheree were chatting with this month's Company cover star,  songsters Lianna La Havas and her friends, Sheree actual has mutual friends. She looked amazing dressed head to toe in River Island, and I loved her blue nail polish she's a very grounded girl which is lovely to see. I briefly spoke to Jamie Winestone before the show, who looked sexy as hell in her vintage white white mac and House Of Holland sunglasses. Lauren chatted with her about how much she loves her dad, and who could argue with that it's a shame Ray wasn't there his such a legend. Sheree and I later got chatting with Brad Goreski (who use to be on the Rachel Zoe project), I was telling him how gutted I was that his show hadn't aired here yet. 

His such a down to earth guy, we were joking about how much he cried when he was on the Rachel Zoe project. His a great stylist and I was so happy to have met him, and I really want to see his show. Sheree had a met Vince earlier and said he was so funny (from The Voice), who at the time of one drinks too many I couldn't place. I reconsigned his face, but I was honest with him and asked him which show he was on. He was so lovely about it, and saved me from looking a twat. My mum was so happy we met him, she loved that show and he was her one to win. It's safe to say we all had one of the best nights ever! 

Drink + fashion + amazingly friendly people = Perfect after party.

 Sheree with Vince Kidd and his gorgeous friend (who's name I can't recall)
Me and Brad Goreski
Cara Delevinge, Lauren and Jordan  Dunn giving it large on instagram


  1. Świetne zdjęcia ! :)


  2. It seems like you had an amazing time, and you looked fantastic! Green-eyed monster over here!


  3. Wow just wow Laura! Amazing!

  4. Girl!! CARA! My heart is actually in my mouth, man alive you lucky thing! This looks like an amazing night, and so jealous you met proud lock too haha xxx

  5. OMgosh, beyond jealous you go to go to this - how amazing! Love all the celeb spotting and cute snaps, I think I would've too excited to speak to anyone haha. Your hat is aweeeesome too!! <3

    T xoxo

  6. I think i HATE you! I am WELL JEL you got to go!

    But then again, you do deserve it beb.

    Looks like you had a fab time and you met all those famous peeps.

    Le sigh



  7. Wow what an incredible experience! It must have been so wonderful to meet all of them famous people especially is they were acting so relaxed and calm. shanmurray.blogspot.co.uk

  8. it looks incredible!! So jealous you met Cara, I'm a little in love haha
    It was also lovely to meet you at the Motel event x

  9. wow, you're so lucky! looks like an amazing event :)

  10. AS IF YOU MET ROSIE AND PROUDLOCK! I am so jel </3 (that's the sound of my breaking heart you can hear)


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