Motel Brings Back My Youth! - Spring/ Summer Collection 2013

Okay so I'm probably older than most of you lovelies who read my blog, and so my teenage years were lived through the 90's. Nothing is weirder than way your youth years sudden became trendy it makes you feel about 100. That being said, it also feels you with a warmth you went to put into a jar. Yes Motel is loving the 90's, it's literately rolling around in eye glitter and pop tarts and all that was great in the 90's.

Their press day for me was less see what we have, and more I wish we had these cool cloths back than I probably would have looked half decent. After pulling myself away from Dream phone, I never got one as a kid. I drooled over all the new collections, with acid print smileys, Hamsa hand prints (In love with the printed dress) and tie dye sweaters. This collection is more of a refined festival chic taken on how we wished we looked in the 90's.

Anyone fancy buying me this dress
Mega babes Jen, Jessica and Desriee 
Love these bright Indian bazaar style prints
 Beauty Luica wearing a headchain from  little tea cup
Me and the girls 
neon galore, and tie dye
Stunning prints

I had such a great time, I adored that they had a lady doing henna (which had been doing for over 5 years, she also sells amazing henna candles). There was the Colour extreme team there to pamper us with cool spray in hair colour, as mines coloured I left it. They sprayed it in Jo's hair and it looked amazing, you can see her hair in the photo at the top of this post. It looks great and is perfect for a little dip dye, for if you can't have it all the time. I think I loved the henna and the slush puppies the most, it made we went to run off to a festival!   

Overall, I want it all! There's plenty of choice and something for everyone, from if your a skinny mini or you have more booty. I have my heart set on so much, now all I need is a little sun. Motel gave us a really cute goodie bag to, with a glow stick in can't wait to wear it somewhere and sweets and bits. I use to think I hated my teens, but this made me remember all the cool parts of the 90s and that actual it was pretty cool.


  1. Look like a super fun day,
    loviiiiing some of the new prints!

    Don't feel old your no where near ;)

    Kelly || My Blog: Day Dreams & Daisy Chains || ♥

  2. These things are so cool! Those tie-dyes are amazing! xx

  3. N'awww it was so good to see you love! I really did love the Motel press day, all of those prints and my god DREAM PHONE, it properly took me back <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  4. love the hamsa hand dress :) such a great collection :)

  5. I want it all too- or at least all of the monotone stock (I fear too much colour)
    Do you know what's weirder than stuff you had when you were a kid was cool? When your boyfriend who hadn't changed since he was a kid in the 90 and known for the last 8 years is suddenly the height of fashion- stupid grunger (childish insults should be "in" too) I'm the one who likes fashion


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