Taking A Moment With Twinings

It's no secret that I love tea, I can drink cup after cup. It's a lovely feeling of being half asleep in the morning, and having a hot cup of tea as I feel the chill of the cold through the window. It's so cold in the U.K at the moment that I'm drinking a silly amount, but drinking so much tea isn't good for you. That is unless you pick a healthy tea, but than what about taste. Most healthy things taste bizarre, that's why more of us tend to avoid them even when we know they are better for us. Than again, the more Twinings tea I try the more I feel like actual there not bad. Believe it or not, but they have been selling tea for 300 years. I think tea will always be 

I've always liked a little Earl grey, so thought that I may as well try the Lady grey. Twinings have packaged these classic teas, in none other than London landscape stilettos. Which I adore, I'll be keeping these tins after I've used up these teas as they are too nice to throw away. So on to the teas, Earl grey is a really fresh clean tasting tea, unlike my usual cup of tea it doesn't have an after taste. It's a nice tea for summer, as you don't need milk and it doesn't weight heavy on my tummy. 

Lady Grey is more fruity than Earl I can see it being drunk by powdered wig ladies in bone china cups. You can see the same taste of bergamot like in Earl Grey, but with added hints of oranges and lemons (both of which you can see bits mixed in with the leafs). It's great for your first cup of tea in the morning, as the fruity favour will compliment breakfast of fruit/cereal/pancakes etc..

Making the tea's is simple, I think some people hate the though of loose leaf tea  but don't fear as there's even instructions inside. It's easy,  you warm your teapot - Great reason to break out the fancy china. Add in your tea to your teapot enough for one or two people, again they show you how many spoons are needed. Bring fresh water to the boil, pour in the boiling water leave for 3-5 minutes than serve to taste. I use to add in honey to Earl grey to sweeten the taste, it was always refreshingly different and I didn't feel so wired. These teas are great for people who can't have lactose, as they are best drunk black. Add milk if you really want it's up to you. I think I'm more of a Lady Grey drinker than an EarlGrey lover. Twinings has so many teas to pick from, that there's no reason not to try something different. 

Photos of shop taken from Twinnings, photo's of tin and tea mine


  1. I've just had to give up Caffeine, (as well as Alcohol) for medical reasons.
    So i'm really experimenting at the minute with different types of tea that doesn't contain it!
    On average I drink around 12 cups of Caffeine tea a day! I'm so naughty!
    So you can imagine my devastation of giving it up!

    Nice to find a fellow tea lover.

    Heres to decaff not being as bad as i imagined!

    Kelly || My Blog: Day Dreams & Daisy Chains || ♥

  2. tea tea tea tea tea, yes tea!

  3. Wow this would be my dream, I love teaaaa
    Fashion Ganache.

  4. I gave up coffee for a month and instead tried Twinings Earl Grey and Chamomile in the morning. I just couldn't get into it and I missed the a.m. jolt coffee gave me. I still enjoy a cup of Earl Grey in the afternoon though!

  5. my idea of heaven! I do miss a cup of earl grey had to cut out the caffine :(



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