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The other day our wonderful neighbours flooded one of our bedrooms, which was just perfect. So grabbing buckets, saucepans and well anything that would collect any of the water we scrabbled around trying to pin point spots. Our television was sopping, the bed was swimming it looked like a bad music video gone wrong. So than it was who to blame, well of course we knew where the water was and we spoke to them and find out why it was pouring through to us. To cut a long story short, it didn't matter anyway because we would need insurance. Lucky for us nothing was majorly damaged, the television should be okay and everything else will dry. But what if it hadn't, it got me thinking about not only home insurance but also life insurance.

What if something bad happened and our boys were left with nothing but my clothes and shoes! It's a scary thought, I've never really considered it before I think you can get in that 'everything will be okay' though pattern. After this happening it's put doubt in my mind, I think this year will be the year we sort things more. I want to make sure that big or small, my boys won't have to worry. Also that if we are going to feature in a bad style music video were it's literally raining from the ceiling. We don't have to replace everything. I think even if you have no chocolate covered destroys of things, also know as kids it's worth thinking about. I can't even begin to think about starting over again, as silly as it sounds I would cry if anything happened to my shoes. Than again when it's shoes vs my family I want to make sure it that everything really will be okay. 

P.S ...My television is fine and was not harmed in the writing of this post, or by all the water.

This is a sponsored post but all views are my own, and I really did get flooded sadly.

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  1. How rubbish :( glad it wasn't any worse
    my parents were involved in a place accident (well actually 3 for the same flight) but came out fine (minus a fear of flying) and ever since then I felt like I wanted to leave something I don't have any possessions or children so I just try to leave memories for my family and friends :)


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