AX Paris Goes To Circus

I'm sure you have already read a million posts on this event, but this event was too amazing not to share with you. Ax Paris and E-tail had the genius idea to hold their press day/evening at Circus, which happens to be a cool trendy London club where all the cool kids hang out. There's a massive stage, where there were three acts which included a very cute guy who hang from a hoop and just well left us speechless with his aerobatic skills. Along with dancing ladies and a woman who was ballet dancing while eating fire, a couple of people told me (who were stood at the front) their eyebrows melted a little. Ax Paris has changed over the years, and I think they are getting more fashion forward. Hello cartoon print dress come to mama.

Me and Clare
Mine and Lauren's henna hands
Lereese and Lauren enjoying cocktails

Circus Sign and performance
AX Paris collection and photobooth fun with Lucy, Becca and Mel
Hayley and I
Disco Balls!
Tash, Me and Robyn 
Hot guy
Jen and Lauren

The drinks were flowing and every where I looked I saw a familiar face -too may to link to everyone :( but I adore you all, and finally got to meet some bloggers/youtubers that I have chatted too for years through twitter ( Hayley & SaraRobyn & Tash, Katy) and blogging. There were mini umbrellas just by the toilets, that light up and spun round and a mass of disco balls on the ceiling I get excited over detail sorry. It was such an amazing space and felt like a massive meet up. Ax Paris shared there first every television advert with us, and they had a raffle and I only went and won some goodies. Feel free to hate me now. The collection is pretty fab too, lot's of bodycon dresses and a heap of colour hello yellow!

I was so glad I wore my new charity shop best bargain ever, my Vivienne Westwood dress which I snapped up for a tenner (Let the hate flow). I did feel a little Star Wars with the hood up, but I sucked in my gut and actual felt really glam. As a mum of two, this is a very rare thing, very, very rare. Of course a true blogging event would not be complete without a photobooth, and queue silly face time with LaurenLereese, Clare, Faye, Jen and Shabna . I had so much fun, and after a lovely evening a massive group of us went to The Diner to stuff our little faces. Thanks AX Paris, E-tail and of course the beautiful Kim from Sweet Monday for inviting me. 


  1. This looked like SO much fun, I am so gutted that I couldn't make it!

    Maria xxx

  2. your hair is so cool! It's crazy but looks amazing :)

  3. Lovely photos! Looks so much fun!

    Emma x

  4. This event looked amazing, as do you!
    I managed to win a goodie bag through Facebook, quite excited to receive it! Xx

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time :) xx

  6. Laura as always it was great to natter with you for a brief spell! Still in awe over that dress!

  7. The event looked seriously amazing, everyone looks amazing

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