Spring In Her Hair

Spring is finally in the air, and while today I did'nt fancy getting my pale pegs out I hope by the weekend I can break out all my summer wear. So another jeans day (different ones of course), but I did wear this gorgeous jumper that I got at Primark a while back. I dig out all my summer hair accessorises too, and found my beloved flower headband.

Jumper & Hairband: Primark
Necklace: Old
Trainers: Converse (old)
Rings: H&M men (old)

I'm getting back in the swing of doing the school run, so I think this was an okay outfit -Trust me I could have easy popped on same sweat pants today. I've been spring cleaning like mad, and everything still seems a mess. I guess having too young boys, playing and eating non stop doesn't help the cleaning side. Logan's (who's' one) idea of helping mummy, is put it away and than get it out again. 

I'm going on a shopping ban apart from things that are needed, but when I was in the charity shop to buy the boys some summer bits. Well I found a gem, in the form of a floaty, floral festival ASOS playsuit and as I went to put it back I could not resist it's £1.50! Yes under £2.00 price tag, but now I really must stop. Have you been spring cleaning? Going on any shopping bans? Or have you been  spending....please share I love being noise.


  1. I love everything about this outfit, especially your green converse. xxx

  2. Your hair is just absolutely amazing. I have wanted to put emerald or teal color in my hair for the longest time. You seriously look so amazing with it!!!
    And that sweater it just fabulous!


  3. Waaah that jumper is beautiful! Why do I never find these Primark treasures :(((


    (& I would be hugely grateful if you could take a look at my fashion blog I do as part of my uni work beckyisstyling.blogspot.co.uk!! Thank you!)


  4. The jumpers primark?! Looks like a trip might need to be in order! You have the best charity shop luck!

  5. Cannot get over how amazing your hair looks! x

  6. I love your hair colour and that flower headband and your necklace are such lovely outfit touches!

  7. I love your outfit.
    The flower headband looks so good on your hair.

    Rock on,


  8. Can't get over how amazing your hair is! It always looks colourful and wonderful! My hair is back to my natural black now - i've had the remaining colour cut out of it - and i hate it! Really want anything other than black hair! Going to wait for the style to grow out before i tamper with it x


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