Street Style: Detail LFW

With London Fashion Week around the corner again, I realised I actual have a heap more photos to share with you. Also after fashion week blogs are flooded with posts about it, so it's nice to break it up a little. I also will be posting all the S/S13 collections, as they are now slowly making their way into stores. I posted them so earlier before and felt bad  as no one could actual buy anything anyway ....As well as press days there will be,  outfits, D.I.Y's and more to come to kick off my 2013 on the old blog. So I hope this will inspire you, and Happy New Year!

1: Bunnipunch, 3: La Fashion Folie  7: A Little Bird Told Me, 9: Bow Dream Nation
All images are mine


  1. I love the detail posts from LFW when everyone's outfits are thought-through to the last button. :) X


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