I Don't Speak French

But if I did, I'm sure I'd still be rambling rubbish. Learning another language is yet another thing I have failed to tick off my 'before I'm 30' list. Now that January is first approaching and the big 3-0 is mere weeks a way, I can't help but think who needs a bloody list anyway! I mean what does it matter what stupid tasks I've failed at, so what if I've never jumped from a plane or done some awful stereotypical thing you are suppose to do. I know I can't be the only one who feels this way, so I say instead of a rubbish list of things you feel you have to do. Make a list of things you have done, things that you feel happy, silly, proud of or just forget the list and live the way you want. 

Not just if your turning thirty, but just to say bye 2012 and to the past you. To make 2013 a whole new 'where do I go from here', the big no no is to compare yourself to someone else and feel you are missing out, not getting it right. This isn't monopoly, sadly you won't get £200 pounds for passing GO. Instead if your lucky you will celebrate another year of life, I never use to like birthdays, but life is too short not too. I'm delighted to be here I have my health, my family and friends and feel that 30 is my year. To just enjoy and leave my doubt, worry, insecure self and embrace the strong woman I have became eye bags and all!

Top: Vintage via charity shop
Skirt: New Look*
Cross Belt: ASOS
Boots: eBay
I hope you all have a very Happy New Year, I won't be going out partying. I guess maybe I am getting on, me and Baz are going to get the kids in bed early (as they should as they are 3 years old and 11 months) and watch a movie. When we were in are early 20's we use to go to the noodle bar, and come and watch films anyway! I can't stand the getting home part, as we live in London and everyone and there cat seem to be out for New Years. It's too cold, and frankly I'm too lazy to be on London transport with the drunks and people shouting on their phones 'Happy New *hick ..New, New Year, I love you'.

A massive THANK YOU for your comments and support this year, you lot rock. Happy new year and lets hope 2013, will be a better year for us all. Here are the two giveaway winners of the O2 giveaway I hosted, well done my dears and fear not I will have another giveaway in the new year :)

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  1. HA! That's so funny, I've just got really immersed in learning a new language (or two actually) this month.. it's going well so far. Guess what I'm nearing 30 too!! Erm even typing that sounds weird. My mama still says I'm like a 12 year old. Hmm.

    I WILL be partying it up this NYE though hehehe


  2. Love this outfit, that top is so wonderfully bright! The coat is stunning too.
    I agree with what you're saying about lists; and if we're too busy concentrating on lists we miss out on the spontinaity of life! Xo

  3. I loved this post. Thank you for reminding me to focus on the things I've done this year, instead of focusing solely what I've omitted on my list. I think I need to remember that.

    Your outfit is awesome and I love how you've paired the necklace with this vintage top! These two go so well together!

    See you in the New Year!


  4. I can't begin to describe how much I love your style!!
    Hope you and Baz have a lovely NYE :)

  5. You look great and I love the necklace. Looking swish as fuck missus. I have been bound to jammies and house coat for far too long this festive season. x

  6. A happy new year to you. Who cares about lists - I'm a big believer of doing what you want, when you want. I didn't feel like getting out of bed yesterday.. so I didn't ;) (though to be fair I'm not normally as slovenly as that).

    Besides, you have your two boys - I'm sure you wouldn't trade them in for a skydive.

  7. Love the necklace. I turned 30 ages ago (nearly 2 years!!!) and gave up worrying about my list too. Good for you

    Have an ace New Year - sounds bliss

    Debs x

  8. What a lovely post, and I completely agree, it's far better to focus on the lovely things you have done in the past year than worry about the stereotypical things you haven't got round to doing - who wants to jump out of a plane anyway?!

    I'm also with you on the whole new years thing. I think I've been out once in my life and it wasn't even that great, my favourite new eyars has been on the sofa watching jonathan creek!


  9. I keep thinking about making a 30 things to do before I'm 30 list (I'm 27 next week) but like you say I should focus on being happy now! Your studded boots look amazing! Hope you and the family have a lovely new year! :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  10. :O you do jot look nearly 30!! I'm 23 and I look like I have more years in me . is there something your generation was breast fed or because my sister and her friends (and a close friend of mine) all have your youth!
    I too planned to learn s language this year (I wanted to learn sign language)but I guessI can always start us when I want to.
    I love your look the 80s style tee and the coat are just beautiful together!
    p.d. I know it's unlikely but I just wanted to check who won the giveaway- as I eentered and I am a Jodie but I don't know how you would go about checking x

    1. it's another Jodie sorry, but I will have more giveaways coming so be sure to try again xxx

  11. You look lovely m'dear! I definitely agree with you on the 'new start' type thing - this will be the first New Years I've had living in London, and it's really made me think about where my life is, where I want to go and how I can really make things happen in 2013!

    I'm off out for New Years, but to a more 'alternative' place rather than a mainstream club, which I can't deal with on NYE! Your plans definitely sound relaxing and cosy though - and far less costly than a night out on the most expensive night of the year! x

  12. I love that jacket. It looks amazing with the blue of the jumper.
    I make a list of things to achieve before each birthday (my birthday is January 2nd) but it's always a mix of easy and harder things so I don't get disheartened. x

  13. You definitely do not look as if you're approaching thirty, I thought you were late teens/early twenties!! Anyways great outfit again, the boots are gorgeous! OX

  14. that jacket looks so good on you. here's to another year, best wishes to you are your family Law.

  15. I love this outfit, so colourful! Happy new year!

    Maria xxx

  16. Cute outfit - Happy New Year!! x


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