Happy New Year With Clarks

As 2012 draws to an end, it can only mean one thing New years! How to start your New Year on the right foot, with a nice pair of shoes on your feet for a start. I really never NEED a reason to buy shoes, I'm pretty much like Jen from IT crowd were I will cripple my feet to wear ones I love. If you don't fancy the idea of moulding your feet into unnatural shapes, I suggest you check out Clarks shoes. 

Clarks have kept their sensible side but have upped their stylish savvy, even collaborating with Mary Portas for their A/W collection. I really adore the 'Azizi Ivory' shoes, they have a wonderful vintage vibe and if your going for a glamorous yet unstated look these are a must. If you prefer your feet firmly on the ground, than 'Card game' have a beautiful bronze leather finish that may still keep you feeling dapper. Also they have a sale on with up to 50% off on ladies shoes at Clarks, which is welcomed after Christmas.

I adore these 'cloudy skies' block heels, they are a grow up bright and just scream 'party at my feet'. I would wear these more dressed down with jeans and a tee. For a cool relaxed way to bring in the New Year. If your over A/W and just want it to be S/S already, Clarks are already starting to realise their new collection slowly so you can always start planning your Summer look.

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  1. Podobają mi się te w panterkę ;)

    Pozdrawiam ciepło,

  2. I always love Clarks shoes and these are gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  3. Clarks have a massively special place in my wardrobe. I wear flats the vast majority of the time, and had always thought of Clarks as v expensive and a bit old fashioned. But since discovering several pairs I love, I pretty much religiously buy from them whenever I get discount codes, and also cost per wear, they've more than proven their value rather than cost. Having a dodgy hip means my feet are beyond thankful for finally wearing shoes that have proper soles, cushioning and support. I just ordered some heeled ankle boots- as per my tweet, and I can't wait for them to arrive!


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