Y-O Your Own & DeadMau5 Collaboration

I'm always looking to share interesting brands with you and Your Own fills the bill, it's a clothing label that is taking the club scene by storm. Club wear use to be really naff, and to be honest you would have to be in a dark, dark club to want to wear it. Y-O (Your Own) is changing this. Y-O decided to collaboration with you guessed it deadmau5, possible thee coolest mouse ever... Move over Micky you have had your day! They create a range of exclusive T-shirts that are only available through official outlets and all graphics have been given the mau5 approval. They also have a collaboration with Cream Ibiza, creating styles for both men and woman. I picked my favourite to show you from both collections.

Y-O [Your Own] was born in 2009, a group of tuned in entrepreneurs tired of having their identity ripped off by a multitude of other brands forever trying to imitate their history and heritage. Bitter but not twisted they were ready to set the world on fire. Three months in Y-O made a short film to be used as the video for the Deadmau5 and Kaskade's 'I remember', making it the first fashion company to produce a music video. 'I Remember' went on to reach number 1 in America and be nominated for a variety of awards. 

Following the success of the video came a vast amount of interest from independent US stores enabling Your Own to open a range of pop up shops across Japan and America, establishing a unique brand identity and becoming an underground institution with a cult celebrity following. I think this is a cool brand and I love that they are trying different things, fashion and music go hand in hand. The pieces in the collection are not 'mad'  or covered in the typical day glow either, so even if your not a club monster you could wear these in your day to day outfits.

The Y-O Way

Sick of the same old replication the fashion industry churns out we've chosen to be unique, individual and fresh in a commercial world that's drowning in the same old vibes. We pride ourselves on quality connections, a unique style and unrivaled authenticity. If you like us, like us. If you don't, well don't. This is a brand comprised of real people with real attitudes and, above all, real connections. 

This is a sponsored post, but views and content are my own I tell's it like I see's it.

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